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  1. Tried that but its already froze.. should I allocate more space or something?
  2. Never mind I found it ^^
  3. How do i get to my .tribot/settings folder?
  4. It just freezes on the tribot client but when I check my OSRS client it is not frozen. Im using druids fletching script. Ive tried using it without LG and its been working perfectly. Not sure why the case is. Its currently allocated 512mb of ram, should I increase? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Okay just worried about memory.. ill test it thanks.
  6. I may do a test with manual vs bot and see if theres any difference. Just wondering, whats your average lifespan per bot?
  7. Do you think it helps lower ban rates or does it make a difference?
  8. Maxathon was the one! Ill try both and see what I prefer. Cheers.
  9. There was a web browser that I used to enter multiple proxies in at once and they saved so I could choose between which one I wanted to use. Does anyone know the web browser i`m referring to? Thanks.
  10. I`ve usually had perma but this account is old and I have a good few quests and stuff and high skills all round so it looks less bot like.
  11. Yeah maybe ill do some stuff legit and switch things up. Cheers
  12. Should I continue to bot on this account? What precautions should I take now that they`ll be watching extra carefully on what I do now.