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  1. RSItem[] plainPizza = inventory.find("Plain Pizza"); RSItem[] anchovies = inventory.find("Anchovies"; if(plainPizza.length>0 && Anchovies.length>0) { if(plainPizza[0].click(option)) { if(Anchovies[0].click(option)) { } } } Is this correct? I am not sure about the option but, do I just say use? Thanks for your help.
  2. Im trying to write my first script and I want to know how I can use an item on another item? If someone could list how give me an example of code that I can work off using something like "Use anchovy on pizza" or something id appreciate it! Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi thanks for your help both of you! Upon trying to load looking glass now i am getting an error saying cannot find rs client and to run 32bit (current 32bit). I have tried running 64bit with 64bit osbuddy, 32bit versions 131 and 102, all of which jdk and not jre. Not really sure what the problem is. Any idea on what I should do?
  4. If I use the proxy feature with tribot and open up an RS client for LG, what IP will it read?
  5. alanp97

    Tribot wont open

    Just found that thread just before you posted, all working now! Thanks
  6. I have opened tribot.jar with javaw in the bin folder but it still wont work. I uninstalled java and installed the latest version and restarted computer but still the same problem. Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Tried that but its already froze.. should I allocate more space or something?
  8. How do i get to my .tribot/settings folder?
  9. It just freezes on the tribot client but when I check my OSRS client it is not frozen. Im using druids fletching script. Ive tried using it without LG and its been working perfectly. Not sure why the case is. Its currently allocated 512mb of ram, should I increase? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Okay just worried about memory.. ill test it thanks.
  11. I may do a test with manual vs bot and see if theres any difference. Just wondering, whats your average lifespan per bot?
  12. Do you think it helps lower ban rates or does it make a difference?
  13. Maxathon was the one! Ill try both and see what I prefer. Cheers.
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