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  1. Lol im pretty stupid, Instead of enabling courses i whas disabling them i cant read right =D Thank you
  2. Hey, i bought this ages ago, Any idea why it is walking to gnome stronghold while i have 20 agility, I put it so it goes to the best for my level
  3. Got banned after 2 hours botting got banned 2 days later never botted before perm ban gg 400m FFS
  4. pascal20

    Tribot client

    Defenitly worked doing both thank you so much The delay whas the finishing touch
  5. pascal20

    Tribot client

    Hey i think its the wrong section but i have a question, I have the script zulrah helper and its amazing, But the tribot client is so much slower than the originar rs client It laggs me a bit is there annyway to solve that?
  6. How is this even possible. I whas 1 account (main) botting Zulrah 2 Accounts @ pest control Had 1 account running for 1 month at pest control Other account for less than a day All 3 accounts INSTA perm ban not even the 2 days ban annymore On same date wtf?
  7. Armour setup as showed in video doesnt work for me, It just keep saying the red crosses. Please help i just paid 30$ for it ^^ --------------- Nevermind above tip worked!
  8. Just tryed and when people challenge me it never clicks on it so yeh kinda happens nothing, Other scripts work already trough outdated wasap?
  9. How about a main account that already hase the 50% ban on it, If is ABCL10 What would be the odds of getting banned,
  10. Would like a trail for like 30 minutes or so with those prices tbh
  11. Thanks lol, Just wanted to try with potato n cheese for my ironman Just bought it hope it works fine like tomorrow :-)
  12. 19 hours of alching in pest control boat, got me 2 days ban, One more time botting is perm on my last account, my main I will stop botting now inb4 losing 100m cash Script is nice, did 3 other days good for me got me 85-93 (only needed 1 lvl more fml) Just there is some kind of auto responder and that is fake s shiet Got 77k/hour mage exp using this script
  13. Gave me 72-92 strength already now im at about 45k/hr when not looting, It runs smoothless for more than 18 hours
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