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  1. script doesnt work for draynor master farmer, it just keeps eating all the food till its gone, banks for food, then continues eating it till its gone, at full hp..
  2. maximum amount of instance surpassed? what does that mean, it keeps saying that Im only using 1 account
  3. dang, shame herb prices are crashing :/ , the script's been working fine tho these past few days
  4. I agree, max i get every now and then is 110K/hr , it's because of the crashing herb prices
  5. At least reply man.. what kind of service is this, u aren't even accepting me on skype..
  6. Update broke the script, just stands there, i think it has something to do with the mousewheel update? BTW; can u finally accept me on skype? lol
  7. lmao this made my day, i mean come on, how could you be so stupid to open a thread about it? Just PM an admin, that way nobody finds out..
  8. Been running the summer garden for 2 hours now and it seems to work godlike. Very happy with the script, this is what I purchased it for.
  9. I just ran both gardens (spring and autumn) with both methods (herbs/fruits) and they are both really low success rate ( <60). I just hope when I finally get my thieving level to 65 that the summer garden will be worth my money.
  10. Spring garden is kind of inconsistent atm, getting like 1 good trip out of 15 trips, keeps screwing up mid-way, could u fix it? PS: look at ur pm
  11. Gonna buy this as soon I hit the reqs on my account, only prince ali resque and 65 thieving for summer right? PS: anyone get banned yet?
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