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  1. I like the bootstrap template
  2. Try botting with a proxy or on a VPN to test whether its because of your IP
  3. If you donate, you can request a name change
  4. Thats nice man good work!
  5. Might want to try posting on the zybez market place, probably would get buyers pretty quickly.
  6. congrats man! 5 99s is pretty good
  7. Mine works fine on mac, I never had to select a Java version. I've never tried on parallels though. If you need more help you can PM me and I'd be glad to help you
  8. Somehow I've never gotten a perma ban on any of my accounts for botting. Only a shorter ban (this happened like 4 years ago). I guess i've been lucky, but then again, I havent botted (besides script testing) for a while. I'm pretty sure Jagex has gotten pretty decent at there bot detection system, but it definitely can be protected against.
  9. Government probably wants to shut down (or somehow control) bitcoin because it competes with government issued currency
  10. Nice, pretty interesting feature
  11. Welcome man, enjoy Tribot and all it has to offer
  12. Yeah, definitely agree with this. Use proxies so that your not playing on the same IP address on all 4 accounts.
  13. oh wow, awesome subreddit, wish I would have knew about it before. Just subscribed
  14. I loved the good ole Bounty Hunter days, it was one of my favorite times in the wildy for some reason
  15. Yeah same thing happened to me a while back , I was also lucky and only got an initial 2 day ban. I'm pretty sure i'm fine now though, i've been botting like 3hr sessions at a time and it seems to be working.