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  1. JewishBotter

    My scripting Website [WIP] | http://peticcascripts.com/

    I like the bootstrap template
  2. JewishBotter

    Script Queue: Sneak Peak

    Nice, pretty interesting feature
  3. JewishBotter

    How do you know when you get switched to a bot world?

    Bots,.... bots everywhere
  4. JewishBotter

    Impossible goal? Get to 99 mining only mining Rune Essence

    Definitely not 24m lol but you still make a decent amount of money
  5. JewishBotter

    my purely botted account :-)

    Nice account man, I love going for purely botted accounts
  6. Definitely an interesting idea and a lot of thought put into this, I might try to level one of my accounts and test this out
  7. JewishBotter

    Rock ids

    I'd recommend not using ID's as they can change, requiring manual updates to your script.
  8. JewishBotter

    How to proparly design a script [Part 1]

    Nice man! Looks good!
  9. JewishBotter

    Getting paid for scripts you write

    You need to be premium in order to charge for your scripts. The minimum requirement is to have three scripts on the repository in order to apply! Good luck
  10. JewishBotter

    [Free] DevYews

    Great script, but like previous posters, the axe keeps breaking
  11. JewishBotter

    ProCrabs - Fast and easy XP!

    thanks for this! nice script!
  12. TFL's CatherbyFisher [Lobsters & Swordfish] Currently Adding to Repository! Edit! Now in Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/621 Please start with Lobster Pot / Harpoon in Inventory! Thank you! Script Information: TFL's CatherbyFisher is a fishing script which fishes either lobsters or swordfish in catherby. The option is also given whether to bank or not (my personal opinion is to always bank when fishing these 2 types of fish, but I digress). TFL is a two person scripting team which will be making scripts for Tribot. This is our third bot release (second non-beta bot release), and we will be updating this often.​Features of TFLCatherby Fisher: GUI - selection of [Lobsters or Swordfish] & [banking or dropping]Uses Catherby Bank to bankInformative paintAvoid combat randomsruns semi- flawlessly (still fixing the whirlpool random - occurs around every ~ 2 hours - has the ability to remove the lobster pot / harpoon from inventory)Uses strings of item names rather than ID's (will never need an update concerning the ID's) Open Source Link: Click HereDownload: Will update once the script is on the repository!EDIT: now in repository! https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/621Some previous proggies: coming soon! TFLCatherbyFisher.class
  13. JewishBotter

    Integer's introduction to Scripting

    Thank you for this, looks great!