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  1. Frosty XVII

    question about bans, prob not a repeat.

    Keep botting. Just make sure your doing it on throw away accounts that you can lose. Some accounts will get banned but stick with the methods that you see don't get accounts banned. Keep botting those unbanned accounts until you get to your goal. Whether it's stats you want or gp you want to earn. It's possible. Jagex bot detection just gets in the way sometimes.
  2. Bro you just said you botted 10-12h a day... Your going to get banned sooner or later. You're basically suiciding.
  3. How long did you bot on the account for? Edit: Like how many days total before banned?
  4. I never knew it was mentioned there. Thanks.
  5. How do you know which one is which for ABCL v2 verification?
  6. Frosty XVII

    abc2 eatAtHp

    "You don't exactly know when." You do know when. Unless dying or wasting food is part of your own "secret," "custom," antiban... lol
  7. Frosty XVII

    abc2 eatAtHp

    If the ABCLv2 method is based on human interaction, then that's probably the best time to eat anyway. Someone could eat at 10% or 90%, but why would someone wait that long to eat, or eat so early?
  8. What are some good tutorials for introducing new scripters to the tribot API that you would recommend?
  9. I think it's a good resource. I've studied Java, but I have had to learn about scripting for Tribot and these tutorials really help!
  10. Frosty XVII

    Building 100+ Bot PC Rig

    Honestly, you could do 100+ bots with any script. It just depends on your resources.
  11. Thanks, I will definitely check it out. So are you a botter or do you write scripts too?
  12. Is that what you use? Do you guys happen to know any places with a good bitcoin tutorial?
  13. Frosty XVII

    Guide to Implementing ABC2

    When the script stops, does that mean the ABCUtil instance is no longer referenced?
  14. Frosty XVII

    Should i use proxies

    From what I've seen. Most people recommend looking for proxy providers that are not very well known, because it lowers the chance that someone botted on it before. Hope this helps, Frosty
  15. Frosty XVII

    Tribot settings help

    Lower is better. There is a guide here on the forum by TRilez that shows you how to optimize the bot for using less resources.
  16. Frosty XVII

    Tribot settings help

    The client paint delay is the fps of each client. Lite version uses less resources on your computer. Hope this helps.
  17. Frosty XVII


    Make sure you are not on Microsoft Edge. lol
  18. Frosty XVII

    Useful frameworks

    Do you use that in your own scripts too?
  19. Frosty XVII

    Looking glass issue

    Oh. okay and yeah I'll add u right now.
  20. Frosty XVII

    Looking glass issue

    What did u buy?
  21. Frosty XVII

    Looking glass issue

    Just like the other guy said. Everyone is getting errors when they run scripts on LG. I hope they fix this soon.
  22. Frosty XVII

    Building 100+ Bot PC Rig

    Hey did you end up buying anything last night? I would recommend checking out the dual E5 rigs some people have. Where they take a server motherboard and put in dual intel E5 CPUs.
  23. Frosty XVII

    does fixing combat hooks prevent bans

    lol Ignorance ftw!
  24. Frosty XVII

    Building 100+ Bot PC Rig

    I'll msg u my skype. I'll be on tonight. I am right now.