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Frosty XVII

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  1. That what I was thinking. lol
  2. How long did you bot on the account for? Edit: Like how many days total before banned?
  3. I know right. Its all about control and who gets paid.
  4. Wow dude even random stuff happens to you ? lol You should call yourself the king of random.
  5. I never knew it was mentioned there. Thanks.
  6. How do you know which one is which for ABCL v2 verification?
  7. Hahaha it's not even a question. Especially if your in America.
  8. Don't forget this. We all need this.
  9. "You don't exactly know when." You do know when. Unless dying or wasting food is part of your own "secret," "custom," antiban... lol
  10. If the ABCLv2 method is based on human interaction, then that's probably the best time to eat anyway. Someone could eat at 10% or 90%, but why would someone wait that long to eat, or eat so early?
  11. What are some good tutorials for introducing new scripters to the tribot API that you would recommend?
  12. All the likes... lol
  13. Hackers these days.
  14. I think it's a good resource. I've studied Java, but I have had to learn about scripting for Tribot and these tutorials really help!
  15. I was actually about to visit that page. lol
  16. Not only is it important to address the issue of decreasing gold prices, but we do have to take into consideration other factors like the one that you mentioned: ->Where less people buying results in lower demand and prices. Even if the price of OSRS gold is allowed to get close to that low. People will start looking for alternatives to purchase gold. There is no doubt that we need to push Jagex for gold sinks and keep doing things like selling botted resources for the highest price to keep profits high. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  17. Honestly, you could do 100+ bots with any script. It just depends on your resources.
  18. Thanks, I will definitely check it out. So are you a botter or do you write scripts too?
  19. Is that what you use? Do you guys happen to know any places with a good bitcoin tutorial?
  20. When the script stops, does that mean the ABCUtil instance is no longer referenced?
  21. From what I've seen. Most people recommend looking for proxy providers that are not very well known, because it lowers the chance that someone botted on it before. Hope this helps, Frosty
  22. Thanks for the heads up. Will be avoiding Dexter. lol
  23. I'm actually interested in watching Dexter, Prison Break, and Orange is the new black. So I recommend those.
  24. You still found a way to make the pictures look random. lol Hey, you should've posted this in the Computers/Hardware section.
  25. Lower is better. There is a guide here on the forum by TRilez that shows you how to optimize the bot for using less resources.