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  1. press tab Account got a 2 day ban last weekend, this weekend I just let it do its thing, made about 12m on that account so not bad
  2. Let's just hope with the api being broke my bot account doesn't get banned over the weekend with a suffering
  3. He's asking for someone to train the magic on accounts he has created
  4. The single scroll by itself isn't profit (you cannot pick it up) it's a scroll that tp's you back outside if you have it set to kill more than 1 zulrah without banking if it has enough food
  5. For people who're saying this script doesn't work, here are some screenshots from the past few weeks
  6. 1hp dharok make sure rock cake/ovl/absorb select rapid heal flicking/ select using standard method Did DH on my main yesterday and it worked perfectly fine
  7. It seems to take quite awhile to sell items at karamja store, I'm only selling 2 of items without hopping and it only sells around 5 items before all the stock goes when I have enough items to fill and entire shop yet it's only selling around 4-5 different items. It's like it's taking ages to find id's in the shop and inventory and selling if they match the set limit in the shop, Anyway to speed this up? (fast item selling/buying doesn't stop the long gap between each item) @erickho123
  8. Does this support charter ships? I tried the script a while ago but it would always keep opening and closing the charter ship just before it was about to hop like it wanted to check the shop again before it hopped and it was stuck in a loop
  9. First time using the script in over a year, this time using it for training, seems to be fine for me
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