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  1. Depending on how long I can lend you mine.
  2. Yours supports binding necklaces but you still have to use fire talismans which are around 2.6k each. that's 2.6k each run + stam + duel Using magic imbue costs around 400gp if using a staff and runes + stam dose + duel ring costs. It's significantly cheaper
  3. Noticed their are no Lava runecrafters on any sites that support magic imbue and binding necklaces, would be a great addition to the repository
  4. Might be LG but it seems smooth is to me, happens every run from what I'm looking at
  5. @Usa I thought I was managing like 30 kills/trip but it just appears looting bag isn't depositing just watched it tp away from bank back to wildy with full looting bag
  6. My bad, what about the running to dragon issue when tping away from pkers
  7. Quick question, If it's not looting items above 50k will it still loot vissage? @Usa
  8. @Usa When teleporting back(away from danger to edgeville) I noticed the script makes the account start walking to wildy ditch before it decides to bank
  9. @Usa Few notes Stops doing anything and just does ACB2 antiban forcing it to die Says eating food when it doesn't need to and stops doing anything until it's dead Forcing a glory/armour to be used means that you're going to lose 1 item be it a weapon/armour unless using protect item(current set-up rune chain/legs dds and the force use of glory means dds will be lost on death make it so body/leg armour are optional same with glory) Script doesn't work
  10. Will not be giving updates after today as I'll be hitting 99 today
  11. When making stamina it doesn't recognize (4) dose potions (staminas can be used on 1/2/3/4 dose super energy's it's 1 amylase per super energy dose) @xCode
  12. That's not what weath said when they first joined when he specifically said he had to teach them to read the data that the system provides
  13. System only provides data weath has to teach them how to read is correctly