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  1. 4 months? wtf are you talking about? reported you for spam as you are just posting random troll comments. this thread is for people affected by the recent downtime.
  2. I was a vip. also I had a script that I paid money for that was a two week script. lost a weeks worth out of it. I want compensation on that as well
  3. are we not able to at least update us on what's going on? its been over a week and I still don't have my vip or script extensions
  4. i should have got an extra 7 days on my script but i didnt. it expired today. why wasnt i extended.? i ordered zulrah killer ..i should have another 7 days ????
  5. its not starting up right for me. im at clan wars bank and i got my normal settings that i always use and it just sits there with status "opening bank". if i help the script out and open the bank at clan wars..it finds my gear super slow compared to any other normal time ive run it...
  6. i paid for like a 20 dollar script thats only good for 2 weeks and lost 4 days worth. on top of that, i am vip..i am very displeased
  7. lower the price a little...i can go make 10x more with zulrah killer for basically 5 bucks more..
  8. bro can u fix this? its all jacked up...will stop eating and looting. also please have it pick up elite clues..