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  1. proggies plz Thanks! and fixing that Surrender 379 i believe thanks Eventually
  2. It can pick up your arrows/projectiles and i will be adding safespotting soon.
  3. Thanks. Every location is RS will be supported soon. (Already anywhere the tribot web covers)
  4. Are you sure its not the noted ID? looting is working for me!
  5. Clandestine Crabs Features Fast and safe XPEasy to setupEast Crabs onlyCamelot Teletab support for quick travelRandomized eating levels for safetyStart at crabs or on path to crabsFREEClick HERE to get the script! Like this script? Try Clandestine Fighter the intelligent, free, fully featured AIO fighter that banks from anywhere!
  6. Thanks for the bug reports i'll path that up quick, and yes the script will remain free for good whiles
  7. Clandestine Fighter Please enjoy this fully featured AIO combat script. This script is easy to setup and can save all your different profiles! Features Fight anythingPowerfightAttacks monsters fastBank from anywhereLoot anythingSearch for loot using easy in-GUI item lookup toolSupports foodSupports all PotionsSupports all PrayersSupports Prayer potionsSupports antifire potionsEasy to save/load profilesItem ID lookup toolB2p and guthans healing will be added when an account with the proper materials can be supplied for testing!Click here for this script! Change Log Version 1.01 Wont stop after drinking last potion dose Wont get stuck trying to bank Easy lookup tool for looting [you will have to delete your saved profiles and make new ones, sorry!]
  8. Just letting you know for correctness sake.
  9. Doesn't check the first tile. (index 0)
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