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  1. Did you add me on MSN/Skype yet:yes How much gold you need: for 40~45$ gunna talk about it Payment method:paypal Will you feedback me after trade:ofc
  2. i got same problem some time says out of tab but has 2k in bank go infront of bank and log out or the most thing happend to me these day when i get on the account is upstair in the varrok bank and standing for hours, if you can try fix this please do it or atleast make the acc log out
  3. How much amount:idk ur price got 50$$ Added me(yes or no): nope sending friend now payment method:paypal or we gonna talk about it You will vouche for me:hm okay?
  4. la-rs

    fire cape ~

    some1 is able to do firecape on a pure account 1 def with 75 ranged , 71 hp please reply be im ready to pay, some1 who is trusted
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