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  1. Sure, they can negotiate with my non-existent company if they are eligible to be covered by such law. As i see it, rather than renting it's more like disposition/access rights on something that comes without warranty. -Or that's what the ToS said last time I checked it.
  2. How could I not have a heart? I'm making many people happy at once. If anything, this is pure kindheartedness
  3. This is likely worth a TWC, but given the fact that I'm opening your ignorant salty eyes for free about VPS botting business, I might not get even that.
  4. How is it offsite scamming again?
  5. You keep getting it wrong my dear But I really admire how much you keep trying. I'm paying for ad banners in sythe. By advertising it has nothing to do with making any threads of doing anything by interacting with users of the said website. Keep amusing me peasant.
  6. You misunderstood once again. I have no sale threads in any RS related forums. All sales and support will be done via my private website. It's simple a word of mouth that makes people recommend my services in different runescape forums. That has nothing to do with me or my actions. Though I am thankful for these individuals that liked my services and recommended them on related forums when someone asked about VPS botting.
  7. Thank you for pointing out the facts here.
  8. Wrong again.. I did not take any of their stuff You should read the original post. I simply shared my good will at varrock. If you google for "runescape botting vps", my website is listed there.
  9. I'd like to announce that majority of my customers are very happy.. And i even have some recurring ones. They are just mad at the scripters, but that is very understandable. Which is why I sometime recommend a better script for them. I'm doing a major service for the scripter who I recommend as well.
  10. Oh no my dear.. I certainly provide all of them what I advertise.. A VPS server that can be used for runescape botting for a full month! They do get the XP they require. I don't scam anyone.. I just don't mention some extra services.
  11. Well obviously that is the result of this thread. But sharing this matter brings me so much joy.. and also helps some ignorant people to open their eyes. But scamming?
  12. And we have the first backseat mod ladies and gentlemen.
  13. Well, why? I am doing god's work.. With unhappiness of one, I make many other people happy. Who wouldn't love a free loot? This guy gets it
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