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  1. Testing out the trial. When I set my settings to pickpocket warriors in ardy castle and hit start on the GUI..nothing happens. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not
  2. May a bit before I can do that. I've used my time up for the trial. I'm dipping my toes in before I take the dive to purchase, but it is good work you're doing.
  3. Fails most games because when it's fletching and gets hit it will just stand there forever or it will take forever before it actually continues to fletch and sometimes it will struggle banking and just sit with the bank open
  4. Yea. Same here. There should be a tutorial for this is you're looking to make it create accounts. The string generator section and 2captcha section is confusing.
  5. it's flawless, non laggy, and works the best of the runecrafting scripts BUT...when at the altar it tries to empty the pouches before using the ess in the inv causing it to never use the ess in the pouch. I'll continue to use this without pouches since it's the fastest rc script I hope you're still around to work on this and fix the problem. Pro script!

  7. well, it seems to lag rs a bit, the lag makes it do mistakes like at 73 hunt, it's putting down 4 traps but eventually it lags and puts a box outside of the trap square of 4 boxes, then tries to lay a 5th one to complete the square but doesn't realize there's 4 box already down! sits and spams lay box while getting the "You don't have a high enough hunter level to lay down more than 4 traps" message.
  8. so I've discovered that when you use this on birds it just lags massively and freezes your client. I'm using it at falconry now and it will send the bird after the kebbit but once it clicks to go retrieve the bird from the kebbit it lags and freezes client, just like birds does right away.
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