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  2. it's flawless, non laggy, and works the best of the runecrafting scripts BUT...when at the altar it tries to empty the pouches before using the ess in the inv causing it to never use the ess in the pouch. I'll continue to use this without pouches since it's the fastest rc script I hope you're still around to work on this and fix the problem. Pro script!
  3. ...I don't even see it in the devloader.
  4. I've only noticed this at PC when it missclicked outside of bank, only then does it start running away, and the rfd bank because it's not supported so it runs near ladder and does nothing. Other than that it shouldn't.
  5. Well as of currently, this is the best working herb script, working on getting you a proggy. Only problem I noticed is that when it's making the potions, it does try to click the first item and use it on the 2nd but by then the potion is made and it misses. (if that makes any sense)
  6. Not hatin', good script. It just stops randomly and when you level up still. getting this error when you level up [17:16:42] java.lang.NullPointerException[17:16:42] at scripts.UnfPotMaker.unfClick(UnfPotMaker.java:139)[17:16:42] at scripts.UnfPotMaker.makeUnf(UnfPotMaker.java:154)[17:16:42] at scripts.UnfPotMaker.checkLevelUp(UnfPotMaker.java:287)[17:16:42] at scripts.UnfPotMaker.makeUnf(UnfPotMaker.java:157)[17:16:42] at scripts.UnfPotMaker.loop(UnfPotMaker.java:102)[17:16:42] at scripts.UnfPotMaker.run(UnfPotMaker.java:89)[17:16:42] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[17:16:42] Script Ended: Yaw hide's Potion Maker, Unf Maker, and Herb Cleaner. And this one when it randomly stops.[17:15:38] java.lang.NullPointerException[17:15:38] at scripts.UnfPotMaker.unfClick(UnfPotMaker.java:139)[17:15:38] at scripts.UnfPotMaker.makeUnf(UnfPotMaker.java:154)[17:15:38] at scripts.UnfPotMaker.loop(UnfPotMaker.java:102)[17:15:38] at scripts.UnfPotMaker.run(UnfPotMaker.java:89)[17:15:38] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[17:15:38] Script Ended: Yaw hide's Potion Maker, Unf Maker, and Herb Cleaner.
  7. Hmmm. I'll be up north, hopefully I'll have an internet connection! I don't want to miss this! ~Keep on chuggin

  9. That's words script? I'm using that too v1.40 and on the paint it still says 1.30 and also it doesn't show how many rares picked up. EDIT: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW I just realized I've been using the wrong script! I apparently had a diff rare hunter script too in a diff sub-folder which wasn't by word, WHICH WAS ALSO LOOKING FOR PUMPKINS...been running that for 3 days for nothing...thanks for helping me spot this. lawl
  10. Here's my proggy. Mind you it was in full rune and a d long and had 57 str when i started, 62 i ended. It was an overnight run so not bad!
  11. working well for me