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  1. Dog.

    2 day ban

    Hi guys, So I have been hit with a 2 day ban, likely due to stun alching and agility usage. Not bothered by the ban I just wont bot on this account anymore. One question - will you always receive a 2 day ban first? Even if no is it worth just botting 24/7 to make sure you get as much XP in as possible in hopes of a 2 day? Does botting 24/7 raise the chances of getting a straight perm ban? Thanks all
  2. Make a small purchase from another website to check that your card has not been blocked on suspicion of fraud. Some banks will block a card if they make purchases to a company that look out of the ordinary. Also you could try go through Paypal.
  3. I am currently using Optimus for stun alching, have also used to train some other combat skills. He has a trial as well so use that if you can't make up your mind, would highly recommend it though.
  4. Like I said uninstall ALL versions of Java and go from scratch. I was having the same issues. Once I installed the 32 bit JDK and Runelite then Tribot was launching fine. Also as previously stated make sure you are selecting JDK from the drop down on the same screen as your Tribot account and make sure it is the 32 bit version. ~
  5. You are opening Runelite or Osbuddy before running Tribot? Also try just downloading the normal .exe launchers for Runelite or Osbuddy not the jars. AND Make sure when you run Tribot you are selecting JDK from the drop down before you click log NOT JDE.
  6. I read drop trading will lead to a ban still. I just don't want my main to get banned lol. Never had any issues?
  7. Hi, 1. Open Runelite or OSBuddy THEN 2. Run Tribot > Click Looking Glass. 3. Tribot will detect client. FAILING THE ABOVE 4. Control panel > Add or remove. 5. Remove anything Java related. 6. Install JDK 8.x make sure it is 32 bit so it will be x64. You don't need RL or OSB .jar you can just download the exe launchers as you usually would. Then repeat 1-3.
  8. Strange I have not had any detection issues with LG. What client are you going on top of? -------------------------------------------------- Can confirm stun alching seems to freeze up after 1-2 hours. The client stays active, paint freezes and no more movement is seen. Account logs out but script still does not stop. Unsure why this is happening as it runs flawlessly up until that point.
  9. Hi guys, I am in a little predicament. I am currently botting a PK account and I need to fund the account with some cash. I do not want to trade from my main to my bot to supply cash as I do not want to risk being banned. After googling there seems to be no obvious safe way of funding the account. Do any of you do this and have any tips that I could follow to avoid a ban on my main?
  10. The way purchasing of scripts work has changed now. No more lifetimes auths, discourages large scale bot farmers. For more info:
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