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  1. This issue only happens when you have Stop after XX Level enabled. If you disable it than you are able to resume botting. Thanks @ZeroGravity for posting above to make me realize that the issue lied within the Stop bot after XX. This issue is fixed if you turn it off. Course I was doing - Ardy rooftop agility course Additional information - The bot did not have this problem in the morning around 09:00 AM (GMT-6). I stopped my bot and resumed today @ 10:49 PM (GMT-6) and issue started. Looked on forums to see that a forum user found out what was causing the bot to force stop. Turned off the setting causing the issue and bot runs flawlessly again.
  2. I own and regularly use aAgility. I will be testing abc2 as soon as i start my bots up. I will be posting an update with any information I can give and let you all know the differences if the script is updated already with abc2. I watch my scripts often so ill know what difference is between them. I don't care about efficiency as much of not getting ban. aAgility has always been a good script to me and only have had 1 ban from 13 accounts going from 10-99 agility. I rather have security my agility bot farm is safer than gaining 2k more exp an hour. I will update this post or make a new one tomorrow. Stay tuned.
  3. Why did you remove this script. worked well for me other than spam clicking buckets in an odd why