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  1. Arctic's RS Gains Preamble Hi everyone! My name is Arctic and I have been involved in the RS black market for 6 years this August. Over this time I have handled around $80,000+ US worth of virtual goods and have amassed an approximate total of 2,600 feedback on the 3 major RS Botting sites I mainly have done this to build a good reputation and to give back to the community, via the means of giveaways and also gaining positions on staff teams which helped me use my skills to rid communities of scammers and reach more users and interact with them As well as being able to contribute to these communities I have quite obviously made profit from trading and plan to make a lot more profit to reach this new goal! So feel free to follow what I have gained so far from my market trading and what I aim for from future trading! Benefits of Past Trading The New Aim Progress Supporters
  2. Arctic's TRiBot Credit Store Price: 1.2M 07 GP per credit. Minimum purchase amount is 5 Credits. I ONLY ACCEPT OSRS GP. If you fail to read this I will personally tell you on Skype that you are an idiot. I will not go first to anyone. To add my Skype, click here. Why Choose Me? Being in the RS Blackmarket for 5 years now, I know what customers want. They want a service which is fast and friendly and mostly importantly, trustworthy! Over my time trading I have handled $80,000+ dollars worth of goods and I wish to continue providing the high quality services I am renowned for. Interested in buying TRiBot compatible Proxies? Click here! Interested in buying LoL/WoW/Steam/iTunes/XBL/PSN products? Click here!
  3. BUYING RS3 GP. Hi guys! I'm Arctic and I have been involved on TRiBot for almost 3 years now! Over the time I have been heavily involved in the market and by doing so, amassed over 450 Feedback. I currently have a decent purchasing power as I work for Kaii (#4 Total Feedback on site) and at times I may be able to buy up to 3.75B RS3 GP. Please note, the lowest amount I will buy is 100M RS3 GP. When you contact me you can be sure of a friendly buyer who can offer: - Competitive rates. - The backing of payments from a PayPal owned by Kaii. - Typically fast payments. To add my Skype. Please click the Skye button below!
  4. My current Credit transfer limit is at 650 however I have hit that and would very much appreciate it if it could be raised so my credit sales potential is not limited. @Todd @YoHoJo @Usa @TRiLeZ