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  1. Arctic


    Mad because you're poor @Kersysoldier? Start a GoFundMe and link it here I'm sure we can throw some change your way. PS have fun travelling back in time like one and a half years to get credits at 1.5M each LMAO
  2. Arctic


    @Fluffee @Todd @YoHoJo please assist @rangerwin3 as soon as possible. I recommended card purchase and the user is now having issues. Thanks!
  3. Arctic

    Auto Crafter Pro

    I haven't botted or played in ages. But if my past experience is anything to go by, this script will remain maintained to a high standard and leave people who purchase it very pleased!
  4. It's okay you should be using 64 bit windows anyway
  5. If I remember correctly TRiLez had issues with a coin wallet a while back when BTC was accepted. I don't think it ever came back as a purchasing option after that.
  6. Correct. Here are the possible reasons your multiple accounts may be banned @zanskrila Accounts are botting the same method. Accounts have trade history between each other or with a common single account. Your "different IP's" share the same subnet so it is easily identifiable that the accounts probably belong to the same person - See the screenshot below. Any two combinations of the above bullet points.
  7. When are you going to launch your GoFundMe so people can donate to get you out of peasant status?
  8. VIP purchase page appears blank @Todd @Usa @TRiLeZ
  9. Unable to access main repository page and purchase credits page. Tried different web browsers and also asked a customer to load the page and also tried on my mobile. @TRiLeZ @Usa @YoHoJo @Todd
  10. Arctic

    YE BOI

    I think he just stopped bothering with TB. I see he last posted on January 29th on another botting website doing market stuff.
  11. Arctic

    YE BOI

    Only another 15 years until I YEET my way to number 1 and dethrone @YoHoJo ?
  12. Arctic


  13. I'm on pretty much every day Thanks for the mention!
  14. Also submit personal documents to verify and get higher than 5 credits per month limit.
  15. Hey all! Just released my 3rd H1Z1 highlights video. Go check it out if you want! (Be sure to watch it in highest resolution).
  16. Even if it does work it probably doesn't work that well. At least that was my experience with it when I saw it in action a while back.
  17. Dead feature from ages ago
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