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  1. credits

    Like @Einstein said, Discord or Skype is where I will reply most frequently.
  2. I don't know, but why not just buy the gold and then the item?
  3. It's ok, but your new chat operators are like clones of RAY. Also, everything you post on Facebook and insta with you and your gf
  4. Bogla gold Divica gold Realist gold food4rs runescapegoldmarkt Google those and assess their prices. All quite reputable.
  5. https://runescapegoldmarkt.com/ Usually you have to pay some sort of insurance but I got approached because I had around 2.2K trading feedback across 3 sites. Didn't make a difference in the end, someone who was working on the team stole like 800-1000M worth of OSRS GP and the owner @Kaii said it was me.
  6. I worked for a gold shop for approximately over a year, no customers complained of RWT bans Also the level 3 bare account I use as a mule for my general trades sees about 150-250M go through it per week and has been going strong for around 6 months. The one before that got chain banned because I botted another 20 accounts on the same IP.
  7. Banned almost instantly - advice?

    Get some Jagex moderators on your payroll.
  8. The chance of you getting banned is, and I stress heavily, extremely small.
  9. Can I share my AutoHotKey scripts here?

    "Can I share my AutoHotKey scripts here?" 1 hour later without any replies. *Posts it anyway*
  10. hi guys new botting want to make $10k a month plz

    Can't believe the MSN reference didn't give it away
  11. Good to see the antiquated revenue model being ditched.
  12. [FC Scripts] Issue / Suggestion Tracking

    Other scripters in 2014 for issue tracking and @Final Calibur is in 2092.
  13. In response to my previous thread here: I feel like TRiBot should have a premium script communications manager or something. Someone who: Communicates with whoever is in charge of the script repository additions/removals. Communicates with premium scripters & developers to see if the issues are script related or client related. Communicates with customers on an "as needed" basis. Collects information on scripts such as how many script disputes have been posted/how many have resulted in refunds/when scripts with issues were last updated. Just a thought bubble @TRiLeZ @YoHoJo Also a more explicit way of notifying users they have the option for a refund for partially/non-functioning scripts. Maybe something in each premium script thread which states.
  14. How can we access the support chat? Tried looking for a discord to no avail