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  1. When are you going to launch your GoFundMe so people can donate to get you out of peasant status?
  2. Sub to Pewdiepie
  3. VIP purchase page appears blank @Todd @Usa @TRiLeZ
  4. Unable to access main repository page and purchase credits page. Tried different web browsers and also asked a customer to load the page and also tried on my mobile. @TRiLeZ @Usa @YoHoJo @Todd
  5. Arctic

    YE BOI

    I think he just stopped bothering with TB. I see he last posted on January 29th on another botting website doing market stuff.
  6. Arctic

    YE BOI

    Only another 15 years until I YEET my way to number 1 and dethrone @YoHoJo
  7. Arctic


  8. I'm on pretty much every day Thanks for the mention!
  9. Also submit personal documents to verify and get higher than 5 credits per month limit.
  10. Hey all! Just released my 3rd H1Z1 highlights video. Go check it out if you want! (Be sure to watch it in highest resolution).
  11. Even if it does work it probably doesn't work that well. At least that was my experience with it when I saw it in action a while back.
  12. Dead feature from ages ago
  13. Arctic


    Like @Einstein said, Discord or Skype is where I will reply most frequently.
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