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  1. skype in signature will explain difficulty: medium i think
  2. skype in my signature <<<< 20k+ iron ore selling only current stock: 200K
  3. looking to purchase premium version but found this error in the Free Aminer script when mining Granite ores M1D1 ( Quary 4 ) sometimes bot drops those Waterskins, can you make the bot pick your own waterskins back up? i have 20 waterskins but 10 of them dissapear after 6hours :/
  4. does this script avoid dropping waterskins? ( Aminer drops them sometimes ) or not? i'm really interested in running this a long time but if it needs babysit i won't purchase :/
  5. any chance you would add granite ores ? i mean waterskins refilling water ^^
  6. any idea howlong it will take approx? since its been a long time lol
  7. from my knowledge, i don't see any scripts that contains runite ores in wilderness only other places
  8. comon, i know alot of you guys want this!
  9. buying gold verified paypal price negotiable skype below >>>>
  10. 250k+stock tomorrow when collecting ~ add me now!
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