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  1. i agree i can't get on to tribot really upsetting. I've tried downloading newest java and everything.
  2. everytime i run the script it works for about 30 minutes to a hour then gets frozen. and does nothing the whole client freezes? do i need to have pots in bank even if i select the option to have 0. also when my bot goes to bank he just stands there and freezes? please help
  4. Thanks for the reply BUT, I did mention I had already installed the latest java… so that was no help
  5. Hey guys, I just downloaded the tribot client on my mac once I double click the icon on my desktop the small box appears which asks me to input my user/password… after I do this and click log-in…. another box pops up telling me it has successfully loaded, all in green, then continues to close out. Nothing pops up after this including the client, I have purchased a premium script already before I even knew of this problem, I have updated my java to the latest, and I have also deleted all the tribot files and reinstalled, but I am getting the same exact problem… Please help, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (ho-ho-ho) p.s. I saw one other member post this same exact problem but received no solution, please help… thanks!