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  1. Just got banned. Wasn't botting at the time, and I think it was because I logged on with the client earlier today (didn't use it though, switched to OSB right after). Seems like it's still detectable. They can just keep changing whatever code they use to see whether a third party client is being used or not. Fixing it one day wouldn't fix it forever, if I'm not misunderstanding.
  2. Hi, there is a problem with the telekinetic grab option. Whenever it grabs an item, it always tries to grab it a second time (because it doesn't account for the delay in item pick-up caused by the cast animation), as well as, for some strange reason, turning run off and on every single time it grabs. Would be great if you could fix this, as it might make it more bannable. Thanks
  3. buggylemon

    A Request.

    ^You think Trilez wants to let competitors take over? Not going to happen.
  4. buggylemon

    Gui stuck

    Does anyone know why this happens? My FPS slider is at max and the client runs perfectly until I start the script and the gui just freezes everything.
  5. I suggested this on their forums months ago and actually wrote a whole essay-ish thing for it lol and sent it to them. Glad to see they are adding it now.
  6. buggylemon

    2 Day Bans

    Hi, are you all getting 2 days bans instead of perms now? Is this always the case? I was wondering if it's safe to bot until the 2 day hits then stop.
  7. buggylemon

    Ip Flag

    I was wondering, how long do IP flags last? Or do they not expire? I remember being banned for botting years ago on one of my computers and re-making an account a few months later and everything went smoothly. Recently my farm got chain banned just like most of us, and I was wondering if it's safe to start playing legit on the same IP with a new account (I would rather not waste time and money, though it be little, on the account destined to be banned). I think staking is the way to go from now on, but does anyone know of a solution to my problem (assuming that it is not safe)? Should I just call my ISP and get my IP changed on addition to spoofing my MAC address, etc.? Or have any of you begun playing legit after bans and it was all good? Thanks in advance.
  8. buggylemon

    Now What

    Thanks for the input. Where's the market though?
  9. buggylemon

    Now What

    Wow you have an amazing amount of experience. Great post, very informative... There's something special about goldfarming that makes it the most attractive way to make money for me. I mean sure I could get a job or something, but the experience setting up your own farm, etc. Is just something else... Ah fdk... Rsbuddy... Nostalgia . Thanks for the suggestions man.
  10. buggylemon

    Now What

    With the new updates to bot detection and all, it seems that, at least for a little while, goldfarming won't be worth it for monetary gain anymore. Does anyone have any ideas on where to go next with relation to MMORPGs and automated in-game currency farming? I was thinking WoW, but it seems too server-oriented to be successful for an individual without a massive network of bots. There doesn't seem to be a market for anything virtual in terms of games that has lived or persists to this day like the RSGP market. There's either very little demand for other games' currencies or there's just no big community-type medium (such as tribot) available for people to consistently trade through or to find individual consumers though the market be small. Thoughts?
  11. Amount of gold to Buy/Sell: Buy 500K 07 Payment method: Paypal Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn: Yes Have u added me already: Yes Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch: Yes
  12. buggylemon

    Duel Arena

    What are the combat levels of the majority of players in the duel arena who are DDS staking? Is it 80-90? Or 90-100? Thanks.
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