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  1. I'm running bot on linux and getting failed to parse item -1. Any suggestions?
  2. oh shit i rack in 300k an hour 15-20m stack, im sure others have great list as well they just dont post it
  3. that pretty dope, I noticed that high priced items are way of from buy and sell price and wont buy. I'm guessing its not advised to do high priced items like bandos/thirdage?
  4. So im getting the hang of this bot but I was wondering how the bot selects the items? does it do it by profit margins or is it randy
  5. I know im just scared i wont make any profit if it gets banned and i lose a cash stack. This is first time using the script. I'm okay with 50-75k and hour if my shit wont get banned. You feel me?
  6. I just noticed that price margins are very low and the program is missing out on money it could be getting. For example it was buying fury's fast but only selling for a 3-5k profit when it could probably get away with 10-15k. Also I don't like how I can set my own prices or maybe im doing it wrong? Also clicking all the boxes is tedious every time I want to make a new offer. I don't see the point in paying 10$ every two weeks for this if I don't even make that back + profit ...
  7. Order Form Type of Gold: Amount: Contact Skype:LBJISKINGBABY
  8. Order Form Type of Gold: Amount: Contact Skype:LBJISKINGBABY OSBOT FEEDBACK: http://osbot.org/forum/user/71048-xdannyxbrownx/
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