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  1. What kind of gear and supplies are you using? Are you getting sufficient KC? You shouldn't be losing money
  2. How are you losing 100k per hour? Stats must be extremely low?
  3. Nice! You running it with 60 range 40 def 75 mage only?
  4. Any chance of looking into this? Can pm you a video if necessary. Thanks
  5. @Final Calibur Should definitely try to grab as many of the RFD quests as possible! Would definitely attract a ton of attention. Wishing I had gotten in on the lifetime, but will be purchasing shortly, grats on release!
  6. So you made an account solely to post merching logs? What is the end game here...
  7. @erickho123 Ran into something interesting. When buying and selling items at the same time, when the script goes to bank it deposits the items it should also being selling. Would it be possible to add a list of items to not deposit when banking?
  8. There are F2P methods that make over 200k/hr with very low reqs
  9. Service Needed - Mith gloves (Stats and quests)Your Skype- [email protected] you added my skype (live:teamtrustaio) - YesAre you willing to go first- YesDo you Agree to the TOS - YesAny Notes -
  10. Interested in the mith glove + stats service on my fresh lvl 3. PM me your skype please.
  11. Made the account a few days ago, attempted to log in to do tut island and it was already banned. Note the other 10+ accounts made on the same IP were not banned.
  12. Recently received a ban on a fresh account that had yet to complete tutorial island... Evidence read "Macroing - RSHC". Has anyone else ever seen this/know what it stands for? imgur link to pic of ban
  13. He edited his original post, no where near what the image was before...
  14. How about you tell us what you're trying to do in words... you don't show the differentiation between row 1 and 2-x at all...
  15. WOOOOO and thanks for adding the huge text to the front page!
  16. Operating System: Windows 10 Java Version: 1.8.0_121 Issue I'm Having: Scripts will right click but fail to select options What Script I'm trying to use: Exshopper to give an example, but seems to be a client issue since other scripts do the same when coded to simple right click an object then select an option.
  17. @TRiLeZ @Todd Looks to be an issue with right clicking and then selecting options.
  18. Be aware, this users main account was banned for scamming according to a recent post...
  19. *facepalm* Good luck in your endeavors
  20. You have your "bulk pricing" backwards and you aren't buying gold from resellers. Bulk resellers have deals like that cause they buy from 0.90-0.95, increasing pricing for higher amounts, and resell for 1.15-1.25, where pricing decreases as you buy more.
  21. That's not how that works...
  22. Buying 10 twitch prime codes - 1m each Skype: [email protected]
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