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  1. You keep commenting on all these posts, have you even had your limit increased above 5 per 31 days? Doesn't look like you have ever created a post for it.
  2. Hold up am I the only one who doesn't see an option to use paypal??
  3. Go to "Purchase VIP" and scroll all the way to the bottom, there's an option to upgrade. May have to wait until your 2 day trial runs out.
  4. This is against tribot rules, you would need to provide the accounts.
  5. Similar to Montreal's bug, at the same step it continously attempted to click the stairway in the Chef's guild which it obviously could not reach. Worked fine once I manually made it walk down the stairway in Juliet's house.
  6. That is not a bug due to the bot lol. It's the jagex system to prevent overloading their system.
  7. You must have downs. You claim to be making 4M per hour and you are requesting a refund because the bot doesn't do exactly what you want it to? That's not a bug. IF you did have a bug... you would need to complete the bug report template.
  8. What's the life on this script running accounts 24/7 at MLM? Any data points would be appreciated
  9. You'd be shocked how many people "invest" in shit they don't know and end up losing a shit ton of time and money.
  10. Client 100% responsive, RS screen frozen though. Figured it wasn't a script issue but just wanted to check and make you aware. Thanks homie, I'll see if it subsides after a few days if not rip world hopping :\
  11. @erickho123 Let me know if you want me to fill out a full bug report. Recently (As of July 14th, 2016) started seeing this happen; bots will get stuck "Connecting to server..." after varying amounts of time. When I took the below screenshot half the accounts I was running were still going strong and half were stuck at this screen. Any idea what could be causing this? Did the last RS update mess up world hopping? Note: I am not using in game world hopping.
  12. Thanks man, I've edited my initial post and can PM you the bug report if you want! Edit: nvm post above quoted me... rip
  13. EDIT: Removed text, can pm you it if you want. Thanks for reverting for the time being!