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  1. Having a banking problem using rod fires method. After crafting the runes, it teleports to cw, banks, withdraws rune ess, and doesn't close the bank window, just sits at the bank doing nothing. Any advice?
  2. Bot is cracking safe until it takes damage once and then it eats repeatedly. please fix
  3. No error has appeared, but after doing some tests I think it's Tuna that's making the script end, because it's working fine for me with the other food now. However, if I tell it to eat/withdraw Tuna, the script ends. How would i know if I had an error? Would it say "error:..." in the bot debug or client debug, or would there be a window that pops up with the error?
  4. After having it work for me for about a day, I'm having trouble with the bot at rogue's den again. I started up the bot and put in the food, wall safes, which wall safe; everything was set up but the bot isn't doing anything, then the script ends. Am I doing something wrong? Any help you could give me would really be appreciated. Merry Christmas.
  5. The Rogue's Den script needs some work. It clicks on the safe repeatedly before I can actually crack the safe, making it take much longer than it should. Please fix this soon
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