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  1. Script Not Starting/Freezing on startup? You need to add these to your Tribot firewall! TIP: Easiest thing is to DISABLE the Tribot firewall in settings! Best and fastest solution Rune Scape Leaderboards (Rank 4 and 6 in hiscores) Longest Proggy: From @dimidejong10 FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE IN REPOSITORY! Simply click the thread. The trial should be right next to the purchase options. _________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE BOT (READ THIS!!!) Picture of GUI HOW TO POST A BUG REPORT Click Here
  2. Weird, that shouldn't happen. Looking into it. Can you disable the tribot firewall? That usually happens when it isn''t disabled or the whitelist on the first post isn't added to the firewall.
  3. daxmagex

    daxCombat v2

    Repository Link Click Here! Changelog: >Improved NPC switching combat detection (Test it out in highly contested areas! Such as F2P chicken pen) >Improved Camera Handling >New advanced "Can We Attack" function! Much MUCH better at determining if someone else attacked our target already (Increased CPU usage) >Improved local movement >Improved UI for easy use and set up. >Teleports built into webwalker. No need for logic anymore! >Looting over x Amount! >Much much more! Keep in mind that everything is still in beta. Some features currently don't work, such as equipment managing or alchemy.
  4. What's the debug? Can you try deleting your tribot cache and restarting?
  5. Source over at GitHub Example: Debug Paint: Api-Access How to use Api-Key WebWalkerServerApi.getInstance().setDaxCredentialsProvider(new DaxCredentialsProvider() { @Override public DaxCredentials getDaxCredentials() { return new DaxCredentials("API-KEY", "SECRET-KEY"); } }); Map Preview
  6. Introduction: Paint: GUI Version 1.00 (7/2/2014) - Initial releaseVersion 1.10 (7/3/2014) - Added Edgeville yews Spawn prediction at Edgeville yews Added Picking up Bird's nests (Untested)Version 1.11 (7/3/2014) - Fixed banking method broken by previous update (oops!)Version 1.12 (7/3/2014) - Fixed paint for regular logs Improved tree clicking methodVersion 1.30 (7/5/2014) - Rewrote Antiban More tree clicking improvements New Paint Added Varrock East - Trees, Oaks Logs AntibanVersion 1.40 (7/9/2014) - Implementation of ABCL10 Antiban actions included in paintVersion 1.50 (7/15/2014)- Added fail-safe for Bird's nests Updated find tree method to avoid using minimaps unless necessary. Camera improvementsVersion 1.60 (7/18/2014)- New Locations: Edgeville - Trees Seer's Village - Maples, Yews, Magics Sorcerer's Tower - Magics Catherby - Yews New GUI. Included FAQ Improved cut method. Report bugs here.Version 1.61 (-Hotfix-) - Fixed bug with cutting methodVersion 1.70 (7/25/2014)- Noticed "Bird's nest" was actually called "Bird nest" in OSRS Should no longer fail picking up nests.Version 1.80 (7/27/2014)- Added conditional sleep at seer's bankVersion 1.91 (8/03/2014)- Changed how the bow reacts to fail clicks on tree. Added back Draynor. Deleted it by accident Added wait-for-login check on paintVersion 1.93 (8/03/2014)- Added Falador YewsVersion 1.96 (8/07/2014)- Added Port Sarim Trees/Oaks Sleep time before for ent action loweredVersion 2.00 (8/10/2014)- Fixed Ent problem (?) Fixed minor bugsVersion 2.01 (8/13/2014)- MASSIVE REWRITE Made GUI much more easier to use. Added much more Tree locations Cutting much much more efficiently Smart Tree switching/choosing Ent NPC detection flawless Ent Object detection 99.9% flawless (Jagex changes IDs). You can now adjust mouse speeds Updated ABC DYNAMIC SIGNATURESVersion 2.10 (8/23/2014)- Paint changes Added Varrock Trees (South) Fixed minor bugs.
  7. daxmagex

    Laniax's Event Dispatcher

    thanks m8
  8. Click the spoiler for more progress reports! Posting a BUG REPORT Please read this and submit the report here. You can buy Credits with RSGP instantly here!
  9. Hey everyone, please make sure your worlds are sorted by numbers ascending and members/f2p, otherwise the tribot hopper will have trouble finding the world.
  10. daxmagex

    daxFighter AIO [4/7/15]

    Introduction: View GUI Guide: Paint: Features: AntibanCustom antiban implements ABC, random AFKs and more.AlchingHigh alches items to save inventory space. Checks if you have required runes.Built in BreakingSimilar to Client breaks. The only difference is that if Banking is enabled, bot will break at bank.Bury BonesTrain prayer.Bones to PeachesCamp all day at the location desired.CameraComplex camera handling to imitate a human.Food HandlerDon't need to input any food in GUI. Script auto detects any type of food and will eat when needed. Especially great when monsters such as Minotaurs drop food which the script can pick up. Pick up bonesSmart looting will not make unnecessary space for bones if you have Bones to Peaches on. Will only loot when you need to.Junk HandlerDrops junk to make space in inventory. Customize the list in GUI.LootingEasy set up with item names (No need to use IDs ). Pulls item prices from Zybez to calculate profit.PredictionPredicts like a human on NPC switching, making it one of the fastest combat scripts out there.Save and LoadSave and load profiles. Change Log: Version 0.10 (7/21/14) - Beta ReleaseVersion 0.20 (7/24/14) - WebWalk Banking Preset Banking: - Hill Giants (Varrock West) - Chaos Druids (Edgeville)Version 0.30 (7/25/14) - Improved path for presets. Fixed bug where bot spams checking location A lot more stable overallVersion 0.50 (7/27/14) - Location check for preset paths. Should no longer get stuck. Added Flesh crawlers stronghold If loot is near and camera is low, camera should adjust. (Should fix some looting issues.) Status on paint is more informative. Combat handling more stable. Updated FAQVersion 0.60 (7/28/14) - Added Chaos Druids ArdougneVersion 1.00 (8/02/14) - GUI rework Built-in Breaks Alching Item Database ID search Fixed prediction infinite loop Teletab rewrite -Still needs testing Minor bug fixesVersion 1.10 (8/04/14) - Minor bug fix while lootinVersion 1.20 (8/05/14) - Dynamic Signatures Database set up and already storing data. New Random handler for Ardougne Chaos DruidsVersion 1.30 (8/05/14) - Combat Randoms at Ardougne Chaos Druids should now be flawless. Lag spikes issue should be fixed.Version 1.40 (8/05/14) - Extended the Mapping of Ardougne Drop Item list now uses IDs. Minor Prediction changesVersion 1.45 (8/09/14) - Fixed Target List Refreshing Edgeville Druids Random Handler Added Big bones added for B2PVersion 1.50 (8/19/14) - Massive rewrite Added Range support, will equip ammo. Stops script when out of ammo. Safespot feature. Teleport to bank with Webwalking now supports both Teletabs and Runes. Paint rewrite. More informative. New responsive fighting engine. (Turn off auto-retaliate, don't need that stuff no more) Search function now allows you to add straight from the search tab. Prediction no longer needs attack animation, I've added every attack animation I can find myself. You can now adjust prediction delay. Bot will automatically generate the full runescape item list. Yanille Chaos Druid Warriors added. (As requested by King21200) A LOT more other features added. Don't remember which.Version 1.60 (8/30/14) - Yanille Chaos Druids (82 Theiving)Version 1.63 (9/01/14) - Bot behavior with prediction turned off enhanced. Turn off prediction by inputting 0 as your max hit. Minor bug fixesVersion 1.70 (10/01/14)- Fixed some banking issues. Looting changesProggies:
  11. I run it normally on castlewars red lizards often. Red for EXP. Black for cash Can you screenshot your inventory? You probably have "instant hop" feature enabled. Turn that off, or exit out of resized mode.
  12. I was referring to an issue with walker. That seems like a script issue
  13. walker is open sourced. anyone can improve/modify code. Also I can't seem to see what the issue is in that gif
  14. daxmagex

    daxFighter AIO [4/7/15]

    Noted https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues/72 If this issue is fixed on tribot, CPU consumption from this script will drastically reduce and become much faster!
  15. daxmagex

    TRiBot Release 10.4_0

  16. Version 1.00 [9/28/2014] - Official Release Version 1.10 [10/2/2014] - Updated Profit Calculator Source: https://github.com/daxmagex/scripts
  17. Falconry is fine, Many of my users are using it. Although, it currently doesn't do shift dropping, which trilez stated he'll be adding it to the tribot drop method soon. This user is getting 53k xp an hour at 76 hunter! This user is getting 100K+ exp an hour after 24 hours at chins Salamander hunting is limited to how accurate the mouse clicks on the traps, since I don't code the mouse movement. I'll looking into trap priority to try to optimize it another way.
  18. The script will calculate the closest kebbit vs exp gained to determine what to grab. Sometimes the desired target is too far and theres a kebbit right in front of you. This has proven to generate better exp. Let me know if this is not the case, the bot should perform as described. Updated! Nice! This shouldn't happen but I've added an extra fail safe for this in case it does it again. Soon!
  19. daxmagex

    Script Review: Dax Combat v2 Beta

  20. I don't know the client's underlying code, but this is how the logic looks like on my side: if (Inventory.count(trapID) > TrapLimit + 1) { We have traps, run script normally } else { Insufficient traps! } The whole block of code relies on tribot telling me the right numbers. I've witnessed the issue of the method returning invalid numbers before, but a simple restart on the client usually fixes it. Trilez will need to look further into why sometimes the client loads without the right configs.
  21. Client was down a couple days ago. Everything should be fine now. Nothing wrong with the script! Soon
  22. I've removed all existing api key plans from the old system. All keys will still be active until old server goes down which is on Octoer 1st, 2018