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  1. I've refunded both your auths
  2. Tribot world hopper is broken. Todd has mentioned about it on the discord servers so I thought it was getting worked on. Some worlds will ALWAYS hop to incorrect worlds, and never actually click on the correct one. https://i.imgur.com/awKkyhK.gifv Code used in the video (Reproducible 100%). Will never hop to world 466, but 463 instead (unrestricted world)
  3. Sorry for the late responses. Can you please make a gif? I'm not sure what's causing your issue. Are you using LG? I've blacklisted those worlds since the bot would try to hop to those worlds. There isn't a way to reliably get your total level in the login screen. Everything works! Congrats to user Sparky for getting 99 hunter many many times on a single account!! And his 4 others very high up accounts! Road to 200m
  4. The script relies on tribot methods. The tribot methods for LG and non LG are the same. For example, getRSObject is still getRSObject in code for both LG and regular client. If the LG client isn't returning the correct values then I can't do much about it.
  5. Looking into the f2p world issue. Can you restart client? It will only return -1 if it fails grabbing world from tribot hook.
  6. Weird, that shouldn't happen. Looking into it. Can you disable the tribot firewall? That usually happens when it isn''t disabled or the whitelist on the first post isn't added to the firewall.
  7. daxmagex

    Dax Hunter

    Can you post the debug logs? The bot will say why it's hopping. I will need the bot debug to find out if that's the problem for this user.
  8. Hey everyone, please make sure your worlds are sorted by numbers ascending and members/f2p, otherwise the tribot hopper will have trouble finding the world.
  9. daxmagex

    Dax Hunter

    How are you setting up the script? I have one user who ran the script for over 12 hours on two different accounts just this week at black chins. I have many other users doing the same
  10. I run it normally on castlewars red lizards often. Red for EXP. Black for cash Can you screenshot your inventory? You probably have "instant hop" feature enabled. Turn that off, or exit out of resized mode.
  11. walker is open sourced. anyone can improve/modify code. Also I can't seem to see what the issue is in that gif
  12. Noted https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues/72 If this issue is fixed on tribot, CPU consumption from this script will drastically reduce and become much faster!
  13. Falconry is fine, Many of my users are using it. Although, it currently doesn't do shift dropping, which trilez stated he'll be adding it to the tribot drop method soon. This user is getting 53k xp an hour at 76 hunter! This user is getting 100K+ exp an hour after 24 hours at chins Salamander hunting is limited to how accurate the mouse clicks on the traps, since I don't code the mouse movement. I'll looking into trap priority to try to optimize it another way.
  14. The script will calculate the closest kebbit vs exp gained to determine what to grab. Sometimes the desired target is too far and theres a kebbit right in front of you. This has proven to generate better exp. Let me know if this is not the case, the bot should perform as described. Updated! Nice! This shouldn't happen but I've added an extra fail safe for this in case it does it again. Soon!
  15. My users are able to make it to 25M exp with my script. No LG client.
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