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  1. I'm not exactly sure since I haven't personally paid for dwarfs through testing, but you can try out the trial. congratulations to babytearz on 99 smithing!!
  2. User sergiox57 managed to get over 6 accounts 99 hunter just this week. http://i.imgur.com/Ro6YUuq.gif
  3. I usually refund purchases if users contact me within the same day, for purchase errors or such (and that have not used their auth for over 5 minutes), but that window is 24 hours. The last purchased you made was over 24 hours. Over 200 hours actually.
  4. I recommend 40, 40
  5. There are no prickly kebbits in the falconry area. Make sure you are in the falconry area for falcon hunting.
  6. Do you have a screenshot of the issue? I need the bot state, which is in the red box near time ran.
  7. Script works perfectly fine.
  8. Do you have a gif of the issue? And the debug messages.
  9. It doesn't seem like my code caused the issue. I believe that is an issue with LG. Make sure you are using OSBuddy and latest java for LG. If issue still persists, post a client bug report.
  10. I can offend anyone I want because I'm pokegender. This is why we need pokeminism
  11. I'm offended that you think that only two different genders that will be reading this. I identify as pokehis, pokehim, and pokemon.
  12. Nice, I like the minimalist designs.