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  1. I'll add in a random failsafe in the next update. Sorry! I don't any user under your name in my inbox. Are you sure it is sent to me?
  2. Soon! Can you explain in further detail? Are you using normal client or LG? Is your computer decent? I have farmers running 20 accounts on a single computer without any issues.
  3. I'm not sure of the status of resizable mode for the client but there shouldn't be any problems transitioning, are there any issues? Are you using LG? LG has an issue with login I believe. Try using the regular client. Have you tried the steps on the top of the main thread? It should work. Let me know if you still have issues.
  4. daxmagex

    daxFighter AIO [4/7/15]

    Yes, it is running the same version as my daxCombat v2 Beta, which I'm working on.
  5. Can you show me your UI settings? Trilez has notified me that he is adding that soon. Script is working perfectly fine. I track every bot that runs my script and I'll get a notification everytime a bot runs for over 12 hours on my script. The following image (near the left side) is a list of over 12 hour runtimes in the past 2 days. After every tribot/RS update, and traps are not detected, or counted, please delete your .tribot folder and restart script.
  6. There are only two overrides for hover, which are floor traps and always right click. You should have those checked. Otherwise, the only way to change your ABC profile is with another account, due to the nature of how ABC is designed. Multiple tabs for tribot is buggy due to how tribot is designed (The accessors are all static in code). The best way to handle this is using multiple clients, which is what everyone does now.
  7. If your ABC profile behavior doesn't hover next, you will need to check the hover options. You will miss every timing unless your mouse speed is at max if you don't hover. This seems to be the case in your video. This is a limitation from ABC, where the behavior is supposed to be different for every account using the script. Although it is detrimental for hunting because of the precise timings needed. You should set up the traps in a ring. There are many other behaviors like hovering inventory, clicking and such. These are all based on your ABC profile, which every premium script will have to use to trigger the behavior of your bot. I don't see anywhere in the video where it has poor clicking accuracy. In fact, every click in the video is exactly where it should be clicking on. Can you indicate the timestamps?
  8. You should expect that much at 73 hunter. Have you hunted black chins before? The bot should be working the same as the demo included in the main thread.
  9. https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues/83 Tribot will need to fix the client. I can't do anything about it, unfortunately.
  10. There's a compromise between clicking the netfall traps while moving versus waiting till stationary and clicking on netfall traps. There's a loss of accuracy versus a loss of time because of the click area of the traps is usually a thin line. Currently, the bot tries its best to click on the trap by attempting a couple of clicks. There's not much I can do about the accuracy of the clicks. If you're referring to the behavior where the bot is trying to walk under the trap first before collecting, that is intended behavior. The bot implements Tribot's ABCv2 item dropping. When the client updates ABCv2 to support shift-clicking, the script will automatically do so. What do you mean by timer? The runtime in paint? Try restarting your client. The script pulls the runtime via the client. The bot seems to be operating fine with the current version.
  11. Runescape update has broken some client hooks. Please wait patiently for the hooks to be fixed. The script will work when the client is updated.
  12. That shouldn't happen, can you provide a gif of the behavior? Restart your client. The script relies on tribot grabbing the correct targets and sometimes the client may not grab it. Most locations should be automatically supported.
  13. daxmagex

    daxCombat v2

    Pushed back because of school and other work. Will get back to it eventually.
  14. There's a client issue with tabs not being detected. Try deleting your .tribot folder and restarting the client. Make sure your client is not in resizable mode. If you are, change it to fixed and restart again.