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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nixdlg85hv5pvsc/2016-12-07_11-20-45.mp4?dl=0
  2. Great server, I go on to gather information for my scripts when I'm not a member in official rs. An option to toggle item ID and player position would be a nice touch.
  3. It was going to be open source, but that would mean other bots would have access to it as well. I'll be thinking of a way to make it tribot exclusive.
  4. Lol, I didn't notice that the console log wasn't copy pastable. Anyways. You tried to cd into a directory that doesn't exist. You called a javaw without going to the path you specified. Also, is there a reason you have to use command line? Just right click file, and do "open with..."
  5. Path Analyzer is finally finished. Walker Engine works until it hits the first object obstructing its way.Development will slow down the next couple of days in preparation for finals weeks but I expect this project to be available in BETA to public before the end of this month.
  6. I've finished nearly everything done on the back end. Currently implementing the walker engine which will be making smart interpretations for object handling/navigation jumps depending on the path. Tribot webwalker seems to have problems with handing objects interfering with the path. The real time minimap collision debugger is also completed. It's very inexpensive to paint since it is a cached image that only updates when needed.
  7. When you call the webwalker from point a to point b, it'll use the guided path to decide which regions to load, which you see on the images. They are the highlighted blue lines. Those regions will be the limit of our A* search. Each region file is 36 kb, and should be a lot less when loaded into memory since I use strings to store boolean values in the file. A very long path from lumbridge to castlewars for example loads 56 regions into memory.
  8. Guided path are fixed so that wayports don't mess with A* move cost calculations. Lumb bank -> ardy bank looking good. Looks like it decided to Port Sarim "Pay Fare" to Karamja. Karamja "Charter" to the other port of karamja, then "Pay Fare" to Ardy
  9. Added in ships.
  10. I'm thinking of open source but that depends on how far I get with it. All wayports has to be done by hand (Areas that lead to another that are not implied through collision.) Lumbridge -> Ardougne Finding Path from (3215,3219,0) to (2582,3300,0)...! We will be limiting the search to 45 regions. We could not find path within the limit. Expanding limit. We will be limiting the search to 135 regions. Path took took 217ms to generate. Finding Path from (3215,3219,0) to (2582,3300,0) FINISHED!
  11. For the past week, I've been on my own webwalker since Tribot's Webwalker is lacking functionality and accuracy. Here are some images of my current work in progress. Wizards Tower (Different Planes) Simple demonstration of pathfinding from different planes. Jagex tends to put dungeons not on the the plane directly below, but really far away coordinates, which is pretty annoying. Stronghold of Security (Level 1) Haven't really collected all the data yet for dungeons, since I have to edit nodes by hand to remove door collision data. Here's a path generated from the first floor of the dungeon. My Walker Engine will be handling the stronghold doors. Semi-Far Distances (Lumbridge -> Grand Exchange) So far, semi-long paths are being computed pretty quickly. Will see how it'll do when I map P2P areas to calculate longer distances. Here's a visual of how it finds the path slowed down (By a LOT). Path Requirements Currently, I assume all paths are accessible to you. But once I incorporate the code into tribot, it should be pretty simple. One-Direction Paths An example of a directional path is the main door of Draynor Manor. You can only enter it one way. Here's a small demonstration of how the walker will act in these cases. From outside -> inside From inside -> Outside Walker Engine 0% done
  12. Working on my own webwalker so you don't need to make your own paths!
  13. Disable ABC2 sleeps. If you don't disable it, it will mimic the play-style of a semi afk player, which can idle for up to a couple minutes.