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  1. During this part of the banking, are you able to grab the stacktrace? It's under Image i'm refering to:
  2. Tribot has pushed a couple of banking changes past couple days. There was just one a couple hours ago, let me know if issues still persist. If so, can someone grab me the debug logs and a screenshot of the game?
  3. It'll equip those items if they aren't already equipped. If you use banking, it'll trigger banking for items.
  4. Looks like KeyActions listener is broken. I've submitted a tribot bug report. https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues/83 Can you check here and make sure everything is allowed?
  5. Make sure you're not turning on firewall/blocking anything the script needs to start You're able to set your custom logic for it, but its possible the webwalker supports it.
  6. Tribot handles instances, so I have no control over that. It seems to think you have more instances running than your limit. Your best bet is to restart your computer to close off any hidden instances of tribot your computer may be running.
  7. What java version are you using? It detects the first tile you select? You got any screenshots? The login bot is coded by the client, otherwise it'll be a security flaw. Scriptwriters don't code the login part.
  8. Can you provide a gif of this issue? Can't seem to reproduce the problem. Script currently uses antiban compliance drop integrated into client. Once trilez decides to include that into the api then the script should automatically support shift dropping without needing for update.
  9. The script implements ABC2 and all those actions are handled by it (Like every other premium script). I don't handle the frequency of those actions.
  10. Very weird. Can you give me the debug you get when saving profiles? ABC2 makes your character idle a lot. Overriding it will make it not do that. Mouse movements and antiban are built into the script.