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  1. i like pop punk songs when working out. Bands like: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Yellowcard, Paramore, etc. There's a lot of good pop punk songs.
  2. did u flag the video? when i see vids like that i always flag them for scamming.
  3. too many variables imo
  4. seems like you are just guessing like all of us lol
  5. i started using this script again, works just like i remembered; it did one time though stop the script and said something like 'character needs to heal but no way to heal, not using b2p, stopping script' even tho i specificied using lobs to heal and still had a half inventory of lobs yet. Thanks for all the updates you do for this JJ, this has been really worth it and my fav script from here
  6. could you explain exactly where you make the folder and what the exact name is? i can't save either, thanks
  7. i think magics should be better gp/hr at ur woodcutting lvl
  8. why waste time botting if you already 'quit' and plan on giving the account away?
  9. had a nice proggie yesterday, script seems more stable than ever. Thanks
  10. best of luck with your future goals
  11. yep crashing here too, most of the IDs seem different too
  12. i'm noticing this as well
  13. The Shield is a good show
  14. i'm not so sure they're system is that advanced now
  15. hey thanks for updating the script! Gui looks great. Looks like you put a lot of time in updating it in other ways too I am having a bit of a prob with the spec attack tho. I keep doing special attack with my equipped weapon even tho I clicked 'special attack' option and put in the id of my spec weapon into the box. Instead I don't switch weapons for a special attack and only use the special attack of my equipped weapon. Before it had no prob switching weps. Cheers.