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  1. How much do you lose by training magic this way? is it better than alching?
  2. Can you still alch in Fight caves? safe spot, no randoms and no people.
  3. Does it still work to alch in the fight caves? When i did it before, i just safe spotted and was safe for hours with no randoms and no people.
  4. Yeah, mine does the randoms aswell, but even tho it finishes them, it says failed in the Client debug and shuts down.
  5. I don't know why these bots don't exist anymore, but there used to be a bots that would enter the fight caves, turn prayer on with auto retaliate and then AFK until it died. It would then enter and repeat. This bot rarely got random events because you couldn't get any in the fight cave. Is the ban rate for this incredibly high, or why doesn't it exist anymore?
  6. The banking doesn't work for me. It goes to the bank pin and then it just sits there. The pin in my account handler is correct aswell.