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  1. Banking is broken on tuna/swordfish in Piscarilius northwest. It’ll fish an inventory and then stand there. However it will run from the bank to the fishing spot. Just doesn’t work though.
  2. Script isn’t fishing for tuna/swordfish in piscarilius. It takes the player down to the docks and tries to walk them into the ocean off the map. EDIT: Never mind. I'm dumb. Was trying to use this script in Zeah to catch swordfish
  3. So i followed the link, and downloaded the package. Now when I open to launch it, it auto selects a java version and then gives me this error.
  4. I keep running into the error in the attached screenshot. I have updated java, uninstalled old versions, and still run into this error. Please help
  5. Definitely needs some looking into at the Canifis Rooftop Course. I suicide botted 2 account for 10 hours each to check and one bot was getting 9.1k exp/hour at the Varrock course while the other bot was only getting 8.7k exp/hour at Canifis. So there definitely needs to be some attention given to the canifis bot to figure out where the delays are coming from.
  6. Im having a lot of difficulty with this bot working in Canifis Rooftop. It appears to freeze a lot on the roofs, and when it fails a jump it freezes for minutes at a time.
  7. Absolutely broken. Do not buy. Waste of money. Not only does the bot work incredibly slow, the GUI is all messed up and wont even select the right courses. Want to run the canifis rooftops? Well better start your script in varrock because the Canifis runs the Varrock course, but the Varrock option also runs the Varrock course. So yea. Totally broken. garbage. Get it off the repository.
  8. Using the level 1-33 progressive mode it encountered an error where the bot had to install a dining room to build tables. It opened the menu to edit rooms and the layout of the house and couldnt click out of it. I had to pause and manually click out of that menu and the bot went right back to working flawlessly. It did not have any problems getting stuck adding a kitchen to it however.
  9. Spatch, the bot will be back up in a few hours. They updated runescape and changed the trident mechanics to have a max of 20,000 charges so it threw the bot off.
  10. I have the bot running. But I also fully upgraded my staff to 20000 charges. It still says trident ammo is -1, but it is running fine regardless. I take that back, It runs fine until my weapon charge update notice happens. Itll run fine for 20-30 minutes until my notifications say "your weapon has 19,200 charges left" then it breaks and teles out to clan wars.
  11. Does this script automatically pick up clue scrolls? Or is there a way to make it?
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