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  1. Jay I'll check that out once I return to my pc. Mul I get where you're coming from but I learn quicker with hands on doing it. So if I decide ok I want to make a fishing bot, and I go to tackle that I will learn more and enjoy it more than reading text on all the types of codes that I know nothing about. Now once I learn things about making scripts and stuff I would have to go back and research stuff to make things happen that I haven't messed with. Hope that was understand lol. Lastly kylezell you should message me maybe we can work together on something and learn together? Hit me up on here
  2. Thanks final calibur, I'll check that TeamSpeak out, and I actually haven't had time to read any of them yet but I'm about to end up with 3 weeks off work so I'm trying to line things up to do this while off work
  3. Didn't mean to double post did this from my phone please delete this seeing as the other already has a reply. Thanks
  4. Hey guys so maybe not the normal request but I'm new to Java coding I've done various coding before and from what I've seen so far it looks like tribot scripts are a lot of if thans. I've messed with some of that in actually rs logics with robot logics. I'm horrible at learning from the book and learn a lot better and faster from doing it. So I was wondering if maybe there was someone here who knows what they are doing with tribot scripts that wouldn't mind hopping in a voice chat with me some time and just chatting and showing me a bit of what I can't figure out? Not asking for someone to go full out and code something for me or whatever just a hand in learning. Thanks in advance Also is there a place or a way to see some codes of some current scripts? Or even code of scripts that aren't current but would be enough to learn basic commands from, because the things I would have an issue with just off the top of my head (I'm sure I can find this easy enough just an example) is something like how to get the bot to mine a rock instead of just clicking, or how to set it to only mine 2 of the 5 iron rocks or something. I know a 13711 I believe is iron rocks. But in some location there's a random iron rock by itself so I would only want a couple from that mine for instance. Anyways just the thinking I've done, I don't have plans on becoming a big scripter unless I'm somehow crazy good at it out of no where lol. But these are things I enjoy messing with, I enjoy debugging things and working on code like this to make it work right. So ill probably end up making myself a few small scripts for personal use, and whoever had a hand in helping will be more than welcome to them as well. Not much incentive but I figure that might help. Message me on here with a way to contact you or just post here. Thanks guys
  5. im running for the free hour right now in rogues den i'll let you know if i have any issues seems smooth so far never had issues in the past either
  6. Ok so after runescapes last update i seem to be having some issues that i wouldn't mind knowing how to fix. This bot has been pretty flawless for me besides a few bugs that were fixed but now when it withdraws tabs it takes out 5 instead of 1. Also when i get attacked by a pker it logs out and opens the world select but doesn't select a world. Before it would select a world but it would also select a f2p world so that wasn't a good thing either. But if anyone knows how to fix those problems that would be great. Thanks in advance
  7. i dont think it is being impatient at all, A $20 script that i have only had for a few days and i cant run, i'm wondering when it will be up as well
  8. Im not sure whats going on, I ran the bot last night for another 2+ hours and it was fine. Started it up today 20 minutes in it stopped at the alter didn't craft my runes. Something is bugging out somewhere.
  9. I had the bot stop at the alter, it just didn't click the alter bot kept running, This was 2 hours into the script. So i clicked the alter not even thinking about it, right after that it tabbed out used the glory to edge banked withdrew 1 tab and the rest of my ess (im not using pouches atm) and then it just stood there didn't go anywhere. Heres the picture i hope i did the script stack trace correct. Besides this the bot has worked great very happy with it hopw you can figure out whatever is causing this random issue. Edit: I closed the bot client, re opened it changed worlds and 11 minutes in it stopped at the alter again.