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  1. Well bought a proxy yesterday, got banned in 35 mins on first account and 45 mins on second after the first was banned. Not worth it seems..
  2. Xmouse_data-83227-1420396641641.dat Xmouse_data-83227-1420395900657.dat Xmouse_data-83227-1420399410279.dat
  3. i bought it yesterday, its farming all perfectly and even do fletching in the meanvile BUT it wont use watering can on flower patchs :/ any ideas?
  4. same. its trying to rightclick banks that got 1 click option on them and it wont hit the right spot.
  5. ye everything working now,
  6. yap still not working on me also.
  7. i still got a problem whit b2p, the script wont loot any bones to use so the script will stop after it have eated the first inv.
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