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  1. I am designing sleek, clean, and simple websites! Contact me on skype: jackisnotpro Features of gold selling websites: Interactive webpages using html5, Javascript, jquery, and ajax! Secure mysql databases with admin panel to access user data Simple, fast, and secure checkout through Paypal with charge-back prevention measures Live-chat integration Media:
  2. Ill give it a try
  3. I took Ap Comp Sci so I know java too. Java != Javascript. I just need to learn the tribot api.
  4. I have scripted before for a different client. I might give this a go.
  5. Hello Tribot Im new around here but I am very familiar with Runescape. I am getting into web development and decided to create a staking odds calculator. I created it with javascript and php. It is currently being hosted on my personal website: http://jackhallam.net/Utilities/SC/ It would be great if you guys could check it out and give me some feedback! Thanks EDIT: It is not a phishing link. lol. I made it using javascript and php, its not going to keylog you.