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  1. reload the browser you play runescape on.
  2. yesterday i got 95 ranging on my main, botting 12 hours a day. I've been botting on my main for well over a year without getting banned. (all stats not range). i got 75-95 range doing the free tri ranging guild script by the way.
  3. attention, attention. shots were fired. i repeat, shots were fiireeeedddd
  4. dont spend your budget right away. start small with f2p bots and free scripts. figure out what works out well for you. find out how often you get banned. learn to adapt. then after acknowledging everything, you can start using premium scripts, proxies, p2p bots. trust me i'm went to vietnam (last summer for holiday)
  5. I believe the mouse mouse pattern bans were already pretty much solved by implementing the human mouse behaviour function
  6. Unfair game of "chances", Fishy is indeed one of those hosts. These people pretty much own the vast majority of the gold in the game and they usually try to dump all of their money for low as fuck prices via forums like tribot or sythe
  7. because of this: https://www.bigboibets.com/.
  8. Then i guess i missed out on that. However the graphics guy has barely any posts and whatsoever, @zigzagservices is posting a one sided story and he has the feedbacks so he'd be more likely to be given the benefit of the doubt. Also, thank you very much for posting this here instead of just pm'ing me.
  9. Atleast stealing from a bank has a chance of succeeding lmao
  10. The only script for tanning is the exit door. Don't even try to waste your time on this, i decided to tan for an hour on my 100+ hr pure and got banned before even finishing five inventories. Even with looking glass.
  11. Because some people simply do not have the discipline to grind hours for xp (like me). Not only discipline, it just feels good knowing that you are doing something effective like studying or working out, while you're still gaining in game "experience"
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