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  1. Got my first perm ban from this script in 2 months usage unfortunaly. 1 more account on a day break now, 1 or 2 more accounts starting soon
  2. What is the new method? O.o ^^ Will it beat abyss?
  3. Sig doesnt say anything . I got 91+ rc and one closing in on 91, but yeah.
  4. @ warfront. So, we all know randoms are pretty much the reason we are dieing. However since there is emergency teleport in this script how come it doesn't apply when there is a random screwing us up? I just died to a dr jekyll random. How come the emergency teleport isn't doing what it is supposed to do. It is an emergency when a random pops up while in combat. You might say I have to increase the health from the emergency teleport. Yet its set @ 45hp. Please look into this, because broken random or not, it should just teleport whenever an emergency occurs! Thanks, An 14+ hour daily user of your script that is getting frustrated by needing to get pouches every single day due to deaths. And no i'm not dieing by pkers.
  5. Using 2048 makes no difference if you have 1 bot. I run 2 bots. 1 @ 256 and the other @ 512. If I were to use 3 bots I'd use 758 and so on.
  6. Using 2048 makes no difference if you have 1 bot. I run 2 bots. 1 @ 256 and the other @ 512. If I were to use 3 bots I'd use 758 and so on.
  7. You pay one month. It just ends after 1 month, then you can decide to purchase another month. It's not a recurring payment.
  8. Object ID's changed most likely. Wait for warfront to fix
  9. Random issues as in ignoring random events or different things ? Thanks anyway! Atleast you frequently update/fix things!
  10. Unlimited @warfront1: Can't you make it so the bot ignores randoms in outer ring? And in inner ring solves the random if needed.
  11. Why are you so mad? Been running 12h on 2 accounts right now ?
  12. I wish the broken randoms were fixed soon. I'm unsure about using glory method because I die reguarly at this moment due to randoms. Currently making 5k+ nats an hour with mounted glory method, but with glory method I could reach more..
  13. No, still good for me, but every misclick is one to many ^^