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  1. Yeah and click on this link for an in detail explanation on what it is: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/47328-introducing-looking-glass-beta/
  2. Tribot doesn't really fully support rs3. If you're looking for a rs3 bot, i'd look for another bot.
  3. How do you know no one used the proxy before it was given to you?
  4. Why can't it be the proxy? IP's with a lot of previous bans are naturally flagged for banning. One good example was when pid for staking was determined by your IP. Stakers would log on such a heavily flagged IP and get banned because of it.
  5. Might be a flagged proxy.
  6. Have you ever botted on the account? Did the IP you play on have any bans before on it?
  7. If you want to bot rs3, i'd try a different bot. Tribot is mainly for oldschool.
  8. botted or legit?
  9. if you're getting banned that fast, sounds like a flagged ip to me.
  10. jk

    gg we got owned
  11. You also need to do 20-22 of these tests in able to get your own human mouse. But yeah an auto upload would be nice i guess.
  12. Firstly you'll need vip extended to use it. You can upgrade from normal to vip extended here: You don't need to download anything additional. Just need to follow a few steps. There's a guide in the looking glass area but I think you need vip extended to view it but here it is anyway: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/50084-noob-tutorial-to-start-using-looking-glass-with-pictures/
  13. Always nice to see threads like this All the best man.