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  1. @xCode Hey bought this script a few times in the past to train some accounts and it has worked nicely. But I tried the trial to make sure it was in working order but it just clicks the enter friend portal over and over. I think the most recent update broke the recognition of the interface where you type your friends name.
  2. botting times

    Yep as Matt said, even though the chances are slim that they will ban your main along with your bots, it's possible and has happened to people before.
  3. LG can't login????

    1. I haven't used LG in ages but when I did, it always did the trick for me. You don't maximise the clients after hooking at all do you? Because that can cause it to bug out. 2. Not sure, it shouldn't be, I know that if you run out of members, it will automatically change to a f2p world for you but you're best off asking the scripter.
  4. LG can't login????

    Colour detection bugs out if you don't minimise the client you're hooking onto and the login bot relies on detecting certain colours to see what stage of the login it is at. If it's spam clicking random spots on world selection then it's due to Jagex adding/removing worlds and tribots worldhopper is just hardcoded, imagine the world screen being split into pre-defined rectangles. But as to why it bugs out I have no clue but hey at least you know what's causing it
  5. How good are the free scripts?

    Putting it bluntly, most of them are trash or they don't even work. There needs to be a cleanup of free scripts on the repo tbh
  6. Removed.

    You can't buy accounts but you can buy a service for people to run tutorial through accounts you have created.
  7. client wont load human mouse data (i'm 100% vip-e)

    Yeah, was pretty uncalled for. But I remember when they first released the human mouse feature you had to do these files yourself. It was only until later when Tribot had gathered more than enough data they released it to the public but would be limited to how many members could have it depending on the available data. So maybe this is the reason? But as said by support, maybe you can get your hand on a cheap mouse or even borrow one from a mate for day and just do a one off grind.
  8. Spots

    For most npcs in runescape you have to be more than double their combat level or above. In this case the scorpions will be unagressive when you are at least level 29 or higher.
  9. Is it possible to make 500k/hr using a P2P level 3?

    There aren't any public scripts out there that can make 500k/hr on a level 3 or next to 0 reqs. If you're just looking for a method that can be used privately I'd suggest just looking around yourself, you won't find anyone on here willing to spoon feed you such a method. But from the top of my head, the only thing that comes to mind really with somewhat low reqs and good gp rates is blast furnace but that's not 500k/hr at the lower levels.
  10. Trading my LoL account, unranked 700+ skins

    Sorry to break it to you but trading/selling accounts is prohibited on Tribot.
  11. Monster Agressiveness

    I always just did it by if the location you were afking is off the minimap, then it's safe to run back and the monsters will be aggressive again.
  12. Lagging

    Oh I just re-read your problem. It's actually a problem that some people are experiencing, when you have more than a few clients maximised, all your clients start to lag but once you minimize all but one, you'll notice the fps will increase. Worthy actually posted this problem on github but it's still not been addressed.
  13. GLORY DAY BOTTING [How can we return]

    Some scripts haven't been updated in years, how has that not got anything to do with them? What really lacking is the competition of script sales, most areas only have one script for that particular activity. So why make your script better if it works? I will however say that most premium scripters on here have other things going on and this is just a side thing so as long as the script works, then that's all that matters.
  14. Lagging

    If you're running looking glass, minimize your osbuddy before hooking tribot to it, it'll most likely solve your problem. if not then it's probably what Worthy said, set your paint delay to 0. Osrs also doesn't use the gpu, so having a 1080ti would make 0 difference to using integrated graphics.
  15. Mouse.click sometimes hanging in sleep

    It's been recorded since March 2017 but nothing has been done about it yet. https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues/12