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Everything posted by Timms96

  1. Great Script so far, I've got from 20 to 58 and haven't exactly had any problems however I came back to the Computer after being out for 1-2 hours and I logged back in to find that I had died and lost 150ish Agility Tokens :/ Also bugs out a little bit i.e - stands still for a min or so.
  2. Thanks mate
  3. Is this 700 of each?
  4. Nice little guide to those who don't know what Gold Farming is
  5. congrats mate
  6. my bot isnt working for some reason, i click start and then nothings happening...anyone help?? ive gotten 1-94 using it.
  7. Any news on when the client will be back up?
  8. Mine's the same as this too..
  9. Nice work Glad you've brought out bots for RS3.
  10. I'm trying to get VIP sorted soon so i'll be able to test later on i think.
  11. Just thought i'd introduce myself here on Tribot as i've just purchased a premium script and will be making myself VIP tomorrow, The name's Connor, I'm from England and love Runescape especially 2007. Will hope to talk to you all on the forums sometime and feel free to message me on here and add as a friend Have a good christmas!
  12. Thank you guys good to be here
  13. Sounds wicked mate good job
  14. Wouldn't mind this being put in at all
  15. It's not as bad as what i thought it might of been for $2 however it does have some room for improvement, The only problem i've seen with it so far is that sometimes it plants my box's in the wrong place but then quickly lays it in the correct spot, And also now and then my player will run to someone else's box trap and try to pick it up.... Other than that like i said before it's a good script and so far i'm enjoying it so cheers for making it!
  16. congratulations