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  1. Great Script so far, I've got from 20 to 58 and haven't exactly had any problems however I came back to the Computer after being out for 1-2 hours and I logged back in to find that I had died and lost 150ish Agility Tokens :/ Also bugs out a little bit i.e - stands still for a min or so.
  2. Nice little guide to those who don't know what Gold Farming is
  3. add my skype - Scripps.RS need one ASAP
  4. my bot isnt working for some reason, i click start and then nothings happening...anyone help?? ive gotten 1-94 using it.
  5. Timms96

    TRiBot RS3?

    Mine's the same as this too..
  6. Only 5m 07 RSGP left in stock until further notice. PM if interested.
  7. Simply doing this so cheap because I want + positive record on my Tribot account Just PM me Skype details or if you have any questions. Buying Format - Do you have Skype? - How much RSGP do you want to buy? - Will you +Rep me positive after each trade? - Do you understand I will only go first if you have 10-0-0 on your Tri Bot Record? - Hope to hear from some of you guys soon, NOTE: I will post on here if I'm currently in stock or not. Timms96.
  8. Nice work Glad you've brought out bots for RS3.
  9. I'm trying to get VIP sorted soon so i'll be able to test later on i think.
  10. Timms96

    Buying 07 Msg me

    How much you offer per M?
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