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  1. Great Script so far, I've got from 20 to 58 and haven't exactly had any problems however I came back to the Computer after being out for 1-2 hours and I logged back in to find that I had died and lost 150ish Agility Tokens :/ Also bugs out a little bit i.e - stands still for a min or so.
  2. I have this problem, i've never been able to get onto rs3 client.
  3. I don't see why people think they're gunnu be able to bot all day every day (and night) then expect the account to be playable lol, Your asking to be banned if you do that.
  4. Thanks mate
  5. Is this 700 of each?
  6. Nice little guide to those who don't know what Gold Farming is
  7. I've been using my main account which is a 7 year Veteran and had no problems so far. I've known of a few people who have used a new/spare account to bot on which ends up getting banned which then leads to your other accounts to get banned due to the IP or other account creation details.
  8. Just like to say a big thanks to Tribot and all the Script Makers as i've had no problem with any of the Premium Bots that i've used so far, No ban either on the account i've been using as i believe you just have to be smart on what you do while botting. Will be using the current bot im using until Jagex manage to do something to stop the bots which i believe will be within the next 2 months as i've spoken to a Jagex Moderator about it myself as i like to know the situation on them. Hopefully achieve loads of level's while using Tribot and i must say i think this is 10x better than using Powerbot or any other client. Thank you!
  9. congrats mate
  10. I've done 1-94 and not been banned, I believe it's if you leave it running constantly without being at the PC.
  11. my bot isnt working for some reason, i click start and then nothings happening...anyone help?? ive gotten 1-94 using it.
  12. Any news on when the client will be back up?
  13. Mine's the same as this too..
  14. Nice work Glad you've brought out bots for RS3.
  15. Interesting....Just post around the Forums while botting or something so it doesnt look too bait.