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  1. Experiencing same issue. Also sits in chest to buy potions in barrel and doesnt do anything
  2. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Is this script working at all?
  3. Have you selected it to use rock cake?
  4. How is this in comparison to the paid NMZ?
  5. Firewall prompt

    Yeah you need to allow it to run certain scripts
  6. NMZ Pot Sipper (KingboyNMZ)

    Will it sip super magic pots?
  7. GrandExchange API?

    GE was fixed in latest update
  8. Teleport to friends house API

    Hahah yomama st
  9. IS this safe?

  10. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

  11. How To: Purchase TRiBot Credits & VIP w/ PayPal

    need a verified pp acc
  12. Up To Date Scripting Resources For Beginners

    How have you gone ? need further information/?
  13. Need some more commense sense but. Suicide botting is dangerous
  14. LG has actually revolutionized my botting experience hey. No ban yet
  15. runnig two bots

    what script are you running
  16. Do I NEED a proxy?

    You only need a proxy if your ip isnt flagged
  17. Bought VIP but has not shown up?

    just gotta wait up like an hour and itll switch
  18. [Site Bug] Ignored users still showing up

    I had same issue but its fixed now.
  19. We DEMAND Emoji Support!

    Emojis are the goat
  20. We DEMAND Emoji Support!

    Nah brah i back them 100%
  21. Missing VIP

    +1 on that lmao
  22. Purchased VIP but never received

    LG is totally worth the hassle though
  23. Upload 1 image, shows 4 times dafuq?

    I had same issue lol all g