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  1. what rate would suffice then? .70?
  2. Hey, I don't know how to make any official posts of such but I hate the rates that are being offered by sites to buy my gold so I want to sell it on here. Ill sell it cheaper than other sites and I can do it in increments if need be. I accept bitcoin, monero, paypal, and ethero. Swing me a message if you're interested Thanks, Slipperyyyyy
  3. Hey bro, I can give you a hand. Ill swing you a pm
  4. hey bro are you gonna work anymore on your LAN quester? 



  5. Is this script working at all?
  6. Yeah you need to allow it to run certain scripts
  7. Will it sip super magic pots?
  8. How have you gone ? need further information/?
  9. Need some more commense sense but. Suicide botting is dangerous
  10. LG has actually revolutionized my botting experience hey. No ban yet
  11. You only need a proxy if your ip isnt flagged
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