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  1. I think you need to charge your phone.
  2. +1 twinky I agree wholeheartedly
  3. import org.pushingpixels.substance.internal.contrib.randelshofer.quaqua.util.Methods; That? Seems to ruin the script even further.
  4. Hey, I'm trying to rejuvenate an old(?) script I found on here that is seemingly no longer working. I'm not intending to release it or anything, I just wanna get it to work. If anyone is willing to help me out, that would be grand. There seems to be errors with the Methods methods = new Methods(); I'm not exactly sure what the guy was intending to do here...
  5. Thanks! Enjoy, let me know what you think. c:
  6. I don't think I'm interested in doing that at the moment. Thank you though! I think he was making a (bad) joke, haha. I hope.
  7. Just put it on the OP, it's officially in repo now. Thanks!
  8. So I've completed my first (public) script! Please try it out and let me know what you think. Thank you! It's a spammer, as you can see in the title. - It can do up to five lines of text. - It has three separate additional features that let you either: 1. Randomize all possible text colors. 2. Randomize all possible text effects. 3. Randomize both at the same time! - It has saving/loading functionality, allowing you to never have to go through the trouble of retyping your advertising!
  9. I love this script, it works quite well. However, when the task is completed, and it attempts to go back to Duradel, it always gets stuck. Usually trying to charter a boat or something.
  10. I was wondering if there's someone experienced in scripting willing to help me over Skype. I'm having a few issues that I'm unsure on how to address. I've done some research, but frankly I'm unsure what exactly to look for in order to solve these issues. Just to give a general idea, I'm working on a text spammer script, with a GUI.
  11. Lmao, I wish I could understand what kind of joke you were making here...
  12. Got it done. Thank you.
  13. Thank you very much, I got it working.
  14. I wish I knew what you meant by that, lol