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  1. @modulusfrank12 Hello there, can you fix the north rest stop where he goes to deposit the bones. It keeps running inside "RUINS" and stands there for like 10 secs then comes back. Plus it'll be a perfect script if u can make the bot run straight back to the loot instead of it running into the middle of the field THEN to the loot? THank you
  2. Very Nice script! loving it! but my only issue i've found is that, when someone pks me the bot would lag so bad that the bot won't be able to teleport out. Pls fix?
  3. I figured out that if you're using looting bag and died with it. Once you pick up another one it somehow won't use it, only way i found it to reset is to stop the bot and start it again fresh. Please fix
  4. Sometimes it would attack another monster while its already in combat. Is it possible for you to fix this or is it a client issue?
  5. Ferry to Duradel is still broken, won't accept and pay for ship. Something is also wrong with the route to GE, keeps running back and forth a lot!
  6. I just bought this script and it seems to be working amazingly fine! One thing i noticed is that the walkpath to the grand tree at GE is kind of weird, probably good to make it to not run all the way to the south gate of GE then all the way back up to the tree. THanks, GREAT SCRIPT! Also it gets stuck at Port Musa Point in Karamja! It selects "Charter" then selects brimheaven but won't reply to pay the fee! CANNOT GET TO Duradel SLAYER MASTER!! Is it possible to add cammy teleport and run to cathby's port and from there straight to the slayer master?
  7. is it possible for you to make a 10-15sec trade, if they don't offer anything then decline the trade and add them to the black list. The bot would wait for anything to happen is too long.
  8. I've been reading a lot of posts on this forum and i was wondering, do you need another account to run it? If not how does the bot counter scams?
  9. This script looks flawless! Whats the defence requirement do you recommend? I have a zerker...
  10. Start script and it ends right away saying this : [07:53:21] Downloading script 'WarriorGuildDefender'.[07:53:25] Script Started: WarriorGuildDefender.[07:53:25] Error creating GUI![07:53:25] java.lang.NullPointerException[07:53:25] at scripts.defender.WarriorGuildDefender.h(WarriorGuildDefender.java:279)[07:53:25] at scripts.defender.WarriorGuildDefender.run(WarriorGuildDefender.java:203)[07:53:25] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744)[07:53:25] Script Ended: WarriorGuildDefender.
  11. Works perfectly now! I just hate the fact that everytime the bot loots it wouldn't notice itself being attack and it would try to target a different cyclop. Hope it can be fixed? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the quick update! Loving dis flawless script and going for 99 str on my zerker! The bot sometimes still attacks a different cyclop after finishes looting, I saw the bot tried to click on the cyclop that it was fighting but somehow the mouse all of a sudden click another different cyclop. Must be a little bug? Oh and can you please add a failsafe inside the front of warriors guild by the armor room door? I saw my guy got stuck in the hallway between the armor room door and the end of the hallway going towards the front door of the warriors guild. And it won't bank. i apologize if i ask too much thanks!
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