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  1. kingsattack

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    actually its not the script its a jagex trap the guys name is Im a Trapper and is constantly casting on thischicken that never dies and my bot keeps wanting to hit on any script is in chicken coops right now on w394
  2. kingsattack

    daxFighter AIO [4/7/15]

    it would proably get you banned if someone beats it to the monster then it keeps clicking on it till they kill it another scriptis having this problem i just posted in but on his when you move mouse over another chicken it will click it but this one dont actually i dont know its always same chicken and some guy named im a trapper so if is something jagex put there cause he always in same spot casting on the chicken the chicken never dies and my bot keeps trying to hit it is definately a jagex thing name is Im a Trapper is on 394 chicken coops
  3. kingsattack

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    spam clicking when someone else fighting the monster already *edit* also i notice its always at same tile about in center of screen i dont know if it set this spot as center but if i am off to side of screen and someone beats me to it then it will go to another when its spam clicking the one in the middle if i move cursor over another it will click it doed mouse reset to center or something because it always seems to do it in the center of the screen i just started running thisscript but i notice fighting chickens that sometimes it will click a chicken but someone else got to it first it will keep trying to click on the chicken standing on the side of it
  4. i just used this script recently since a long break this is the script you want for fishing i went 1-60 non stop wasn't banned on 3 accounts past few days in f2p this script is definitely worth buying and the Script writer is very attentive to peoples problems on skype from my past experience if you message him he will get back to you quickly i would recommend buying this script my only complaint wish it would bank at karajarma because i paid for this script and need to make money on f2p worlds
  5. kingsattack

    do i need vip to write my own script?

    do i need VIP to write my own script?
  6. could you please add a option to not use run so when I am doing quests with a friend they can follow me thank you for your time
  7. script should probably grab less pebbles or just 1 or 2 pebbles and have a option if want to farm pebbles
  8. I have auto retaliate on it will still try to attack another MOP when one is attacking me and I am getting the error message in rs chat saying I'm already under attack also all the mops have same id so only 1 id loaded in fighter to attack... fyi -prolly useless info thank you for your time
  9. kingsattack

    Do any scripts even work?

    this bot is well worth it you could also easily learn to make a cooker of your own don't bot your main unless you don't care about ban practice with some free accounts and use gold to buy bonds
  10. kingsattack

    [Mostly Outdated] qqqQuests

    every time I tried tutorial quest with this was instant ban when tut over even when I baby sit and helped all the bad spots I know them by heart now
  11. kingsattack

    How to use the new Break Handler Tutorial by Zainy

    any time I input into the break handler always has seconds also like 1h 23m 34seconds because i don't always want to stop start exactly on 00 seconds of whatever time
  12. kingsattack

    Importing Break Handler Routines

    have you triedsearch for the break handler break_profile document for its location? also doesn't mac have a virtual machine type thing to run windows? if so should be in normal location if can get in there
  13. kingsattack

    Bat Account Creator

    seems to get stuck on skip tutorial