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  1. some feedback. 1. Client is missing "disable graphics". 2. Also when you bot in resizable whenever you open/close script tab or any other tabs on the left side it messes up my resizable resolution. 3. Whenever you open a new client, at the bottom its always cut-off which messes up a lot of scripts.
  2. they are all broken, use a different bot for it
  3. its slow as fuck skipping dialogue and It keeps clicking the door.
  4. Is there a way to increase buying ore above 10% ? Im having trouble buying iron ore seems like the price is going up since coal is crashing
  5. it means the proxy you're using is bad
  6. the proxy/vpn is getting you banned.. try using home ip
  7. download "runelite for all platforms" make sure you have JDK 8. first you run runelite and then run LG.
  8. Why does it hover so much? its so obvious, and it keeps hover switching
  9. Doesn't always bank in sophanem, goes down ladder and stands there. -Script didn't gain xp in 5 minutes! Will log out and stop script! -Debug: (2800, 5160, 0) - false - 108055 - 30 - 209 - 88 -Script debug: L: N: BDB, BANKO, BIP, -Script Ended: aPlunderer v2.
  10. You need "runelite for all platforms" and jdk 8 to get it work
  11. try this; - delete tribot folder in AppData\Roaming - delete jagexcache - go to tribot client settings disable firewall
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