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  1. irrelevant... There will be plenty of ppl who will stake you regardless of level all the way upto 100 ish..after 100 they hang out in the north side of the duel arena building but there are only a few of them usually.
  2. best answer ive seen so far. asked the same question on scythe and everyone says the only thing its good for is unlocking new equipment haha. Guess ill just keep raising the shit out of them and hope for the best for the record, i should have mentioned this, but the reason im asking is so can properly build my STAKE BOXER (NOT!! a pker) Right now im 79 attack, 72 str, 80 def. The atk and def is waaaay more noticable than when i was 72/72/72 edit- thanks starfox ill take a look at that, im mostly just concerned in what the stats do when your stripped right down and just boxing though, not to interested in effects with armour and weapons.
  3. Please only answer this if you are experienced and know MORE than the basics. In the 2007 version of the servers, how do Attack, defense and strength compete with each other? Kinda of a weird question the way im thinking of it, its probably not what you think im asking. I know the basics obviously, defense makes it harder for your opp to hit you, attack gives you a higher chance of not hitting 0, and strength determines how high the random number that you hit when it IS above 0 can go. I get all that, my question though is how EXACTLY does each level gained compete with your opponents level how much does one atk or def level really make a difference? Its easy to understand the effects of each strength level because there are all sorts of max hit calculators, BUT, what does each attack and defense level do individually? Is it a certain hidden stat increase? is your defense level compared to your opponents attack level? Is your atk compared to their def? Basically how much of a difference does one or 2 attack/defense levels really make. Everyone knows about strength, but there isnt really much info on the other 2 and what they REALLY do.
  4. interested in buying, I dont have a credit card though. Is my only option a western union live vendor? Thats fine with me.
  5. Its all your diet when it comes to fat loss. 3 hours of football practice is more than enough. And im not sure why you are aiming to be 160 at 6'2 anyway. What position do you play?
  6. going catabolic isnt the problem casein is trying to fix. Casein allows your body and metabolism to stay at a steady and even rate rather than jumping around in the night. Steady levels are a hell of a lot better then fluctuating levels, and if anyone is actually serious about progress its something they need to think about. Along with keeping your muscles fed 24/7. There are tons of reasons you would want your body absorbing protein rather than absorbing nothing. Would You ever go 7-8 hours during the DAY without eating? (assuming you have bodybuilding goals in mind.) No, you wouldnt because it would be ridiculous, if i went 7 hours during the day without eating id be ripping my hair out. Not that its because im hungry, but because its counter productive as hell. With that being said your body doesnt care if its night or day. So keep it fueled, and the only way to do it while sleeping is casein.
  7. Glutamine helps with recovery, it doesnt "Thicken" your muscles in any sense. Because when you say thickens im assuming you mean visually thicker. Just mix it by itself in some water, take 5-10g a day.
  8. im back and ready to buy now. I dont have a credit card though, so what options do I have? Only thing I can think of is going to a western union vendor live in person. Adding you on skype yoho, i dont really know how to use it though I just downloaded it for this. Cant be that hard haha.
  9. all the way from the beginning, can someone give me a very very noob friendly guide on how to work tri bot? I will be using it for combat training and woodcutting mostly. Now, im not an idiot or 12 years old or anything, so dont worry about dumbing the phrasing down. But could someone please expalin to be how to work this bot RIGHT FROM THE START, like from the point where you download it? I know this is broad, but I dont know where else to start haha.
  10. oh and by the way, I am interested, but im leaving for christmas for a week soon and wont be online so I will probably pick this up again after the holidays. I was going to get the bot, but its strictly for money purposes, not leveling. So this seems alot easier and more safe. Im not saying tribot isnt safe, but im ignorant on the topic. And to be honest I had no idea gold was so damn cheap haha. Kind of makes me upset for sitting there and chopping magis manually for weeks
  11. never used skype before, but by the looks of what everyone is saying, I kind of need to get it to do this dont I haha
  12. Need help, interested in buying Gold on osrc. I have nooooo idea how you guys do it though haha. Id be using western union most likely.