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  1. thanks makes sense now
  2. okay thanks
  3. what exactly is an auth? and what does it mean by saying "3 instances per auth"?>???
  4. true
  5. is there any point of purchasing a proxy if ur IP isn't flagged? Also, where could you find out if its flagged?
  6. how do i do that?
  7. could i use proxies while botting without having to purchase VIPE?
  8. i want to buuy 10 credits, please pm me back
  9. does this bot work with rock crabs? relleka and waterbirth?
  10. i am a 1 defense pure and this bot caused me to level up my defense while i was ddsing.. completely frusturated
  11. how are the odds calculated? rather than based on stats how does the bot know who's favor it is?