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  1. I guess it would be quite hard to implement, but it would be awesome if you could code it in such a way that you can mage the melee brothers without them attacking you (running around the chest), which is possible and would save a lot of money on prayer potions and food. Just a suggestion
  2. Yo I was just wondering why there aren't any agility pyramid scripts? I'm sure people would pay big money for one
  3. Script is working very bad for me at black chins, can't even start, is constantly trying to get to corporeal beast, requesting a full refund if this doesn't get fixed
  4. Hi give me a pm please
  5. Yo I'm going on a vacation soon and I need to know if your script (exnightmarezone) is capable of taking overload potions from the barrel itself
  6. Yo, I've added you on skype. Jason.dommage. Want me to buy a vip with oldschool cash.
  7. Damntasty023


    are bandits an option? Does it support prayer pots?
  8. Same as the guy above me ^^, new also
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