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  1. It's alright, don't push urself ;p I'll message you when I can ;p I was thinking of getting the parts at first for my pc at frys electronics for 900$ pc, but felt like i would end up wasting more. ;p It's cheaper to get diff. parts from diff sites eh? Or easier to just get all of them cheap at one site? If not, its okay lol.
  2. That would be AWESOME!!! But getting the pc done first would a nice start, I can get the monitor later ;p Unless there r good deals on them now ;o
  3. Sorry for all the trouble, but I might not be able to get the parts above, since one of the rebates ends in 2 days, and I'm pretty busy this week. Would've been nice if i can get a week head start if there were any rebates involved or w.e., would be paying 50-90$ extra=would be paying about 950-1k something. Anyway I could get all my part straight from amazon, newegg, or some other trusted site that would still be cheap? Not sure which is he cheaper route, buy from diff sites, or cheap just to get it all from the same place?(wouldn't want to get crappy parts just because I'd get lazy not being from diff. sites cuz they had some cheaper and of good quality then somewhere else, so just say so.) Still 900$ budget, would like to get bang for the buck. Wouldn't want anything to bottle neck, pretty much still the same stuff as above. Sorry for the inconvenience. Of course I want good quality/fast parts. Then again I'll need to look for a nice LCD screen later as well ;p
  4. Awesome Thanks for all the details about each item you picked. Now i got a choice, either with asus mobo or gigabite(which is pretty sweet, had one before) Thanks for taking your time picking out the parts for me Need to get this soon. If i get any more questions, I'll post back here I'm assuming, both mobos are compatible with the rest of the parts that are on the list already, just switch out the mobo for w.e I want, either asus or gigabite ;p
  5. Read some reviews on the motherboard, some stated it lasted 1-3years for some, not hating on asus or anything, it's a good brand, but wouldn't want any of my parts to be overheated/die out on me in the long run(1-5years). Other things look decent, the rebate thing doesn't look so promising, got to buy from several retailers, oh well i guess. Case looks very plain, i do like that it has ports, etc on the front though, and that it has pockets inside for wires to out of the way, nice clip in for hdd, etc.(but i guess if it does the job, it would do) If you already picked an OS for this built, win8 would be crappy =/ Not really sure what OS i want, I really loved win7, so not sure what would be better in performance, multi-tasking, etc while being able to get my programs for free, heard win8 has monthly fee to use word, etc? The hell? lol. Would only consider w8.1 or something else/better.(still have win7 i could install if I can't find anything better rofl) Anything in particular you want to add or change as of now? Kinda want to buy everything right away so it gets shipped now or a week from now. Got a headache atm so I'll just leave this as it is, and not say anything stupid rofl. I'll be back later after i chill with my friends for a while, i'll check back here though. Explain why you picked these parts, or you could see if you could find me a different build, up to you. Thanks in advance Mizore, you helped me a few times now ;p
  6. Nah, not for botting rs or anything. Just for gaming, high quality games, like ps4 games, watching movies, streaming, etc. Want to multi-task while doing things as well. I always play games while listening to youtube, or watching a movie at the same time. Need something that will cache at a decent rate.
  7. Hey, looking into getting a new Computer for gaming, watching videos, everyday work, etc on it. But mostly will be for gaming as all other crap wouldn't need much resources to run like movies(gpu). Would like a good build for 900$: - A good tower with good airflow, sweet outside and inside look, easy wiring management when installing all the hdd, memory, etc to the pins. -remove stock fans and put in aftermarket fans or w.e to better cooling and quietness -should be able to run pc games on high graphics(pc version of ps4 games)/other top games out atm. -need a good cpu+graphics card ofc, don't want to settle for on-board on either of them.(want to multi-task a lot of things without lag, want it to be smooth ;p) -Aftermarket cooler for cpu and perhaps for gpu? -wifi adapter ofc -i think 125gb of sata should be enough for eh...win7 or win8.1? eh? Haven't really used win8.1 much so idk how good it is ;p -some games will be downloadable and some will be used with a cd or w.e, also will use it for downloading music/movies time to time. - Want it to last eh...about 5 years without slowing down much, bought pre-build pcs from store before, and they have lasted me 3-5 years easily, but the gpu would ofc get outdated the first, and start lagging on games, etc. -Overclocking worth it if i get the cooler for cpu, and fan for cpu eh? (might need it when the pc gets older) but eh tell me ur ideas. - Add anything I might have missed, or don't need ;p
  8. A bit better then the previous one you suggested? Also, one question ;p You think it's better to wait and get a better on a good laptop with nice specs, etc for gaming, or for my grandpa or just get these? Cuz i'm not really in hurry atm to get these, just looking at options i get and see what to buy ;p
  9. The 2nd laptop is getting kinda bad reviews how the dvd drive is weak and could easily break, that the keyboard buttons can sink into the laptop, and tons more lol not sure if those are good reviews o.o Only 2 reviews on that gaming laptop, which they loved it due to the nice 2gb video card, but one person didnt like it because it lacked the hdd storage(downloads of games to play on: lol, diablo, etc etc.)
  10. Sounds great, so you recommend me getting both of these, 1 for my grandpa which you just recommended, and the other you recommended would be pretty good for gaming on it, watching movies, listening to music, etc.(in other words much better then the laptop i got on me atm lol) Trying to get best performance, specs for the buck atm, as I'm putting in some money into fixing my car, etc lol. Also, what's the returns, etc on newegg?
  11. Windows 7, but i could show him how to use Win8.1 even tho i haven't really used it yet. You could be right, i just want a good multi-tasking laptop that could handle good amount of things on it, hyper-threading, turbo-speed, etc. But you probably know more xD, yeah 2gb graphics card seems sweet to me atm Might buy 2-3 of those, then 1 separate laptop for grandpa.
  12. True that, some laptops are overpriced for the crap they put in, so i always look best for the buck. Not sure my grandpa would love win8, even I wouldn't want it lol, heard tons of reviews how it has tons of useless crap, etc etc, would rather go for win 8.1 xD As for the laptop you suggested on newegg, the specs look pretty good, yeah i know my graphics card is a bit shitty on this laptop, tbh i bought it out of the blue because i needed a laptop right away xD I see tons of laptops having 1.6-1.8ghz cpu like wth, and some don't even have max turbo frequency, i would rather have at least 2ghz+ hyper-threading with at least 2+ cores. I want the laptop to ofc play games, watch movies on utube, listen to music, do homework, etc. I could play 2-3 games at the same time with utube open and music playing in the background with no problem xD I like that you found me the one with 8.1 win.
  13. Well I wanted to get one for my grandpa since his old laptop died and has nothing now to watch his movies(he barely does anything on it tbh, watches news online, browses the internet, maybe some1 who might come over to his house might use it for school work, etc, but if i can get a good multi-tasking laptop for cheap that's durable like the one i got, would like to give it to him as a present.) For other laptops i want to get i might be using them for gaming, watching utube videos/music, and ofc doing homework on word, excel, etc, wouldnt want a laptop that would bottleneck and just slows down 1yrs down the line, as this one is close to 2nd yr and it's still working pretty sweet.(i'm using a cooling pad under it but eh whatever lol) So yeah, looking for 500-600$ ea. I think you're the one who helped me before on custom desktop, running great
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