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  1. smd2

    Master Flax Spinner! Free & Flawless

    Sounds great Will definitely check it out when I come back
  2. smd2

    [Outdated] All in one support thread.

    No, your vip will not renew, you have to purchase vip each month, as it's only valid for 1 month. Here is how you check how many days of vip u got left: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=details Start on forums then follow:
  3. smd2

    [Outdated] All in one support thread.

    Whenever you run tribot.jar and login appear screen appears, please enter your forum login information.
  4. smd2

    [Outdated] All in one support thread.

    Open start menu, type in %appdata%, hit enter, delete ".tribot" folder, make sure you dont have it running(otherwise it wont delete everything). Once the folder is deleted, run you tribot.jar again, this should fix your problem. If tribot is running, hit and hold ctr+alt+del, task manager will appear, click processes, click on any proccess and hit letter " J ", and end process of all java running.
  5. My guess would be that you don't have enough ram to run 7 bots at a time? Also how much memory u r relocating for ur bots rofl.
  6. smd2

    USA's Lumbridge Flax Spinner [FREE]

    Script isn't stable, it fails a lot, sometimes i would run 1h+ then ends/get stuck somewhere. This script needs to be fixed, no randoms do not f..k it up, if they do, it's not as much as the script effing itself up. Randoms would only f it up at times when they are failed, other then that the script atm is pretty crappy, even selected login info incase it got kicked so it can log back in and keep going, nope doesn't do shit. I logged back in manually, and it was just standing with full inventory of flax on 2nd floor next to ladder(same floor where u got to spin flax in lumby).
  7. smd2

    TRiBot Release 9.01_0

    If your re-starter code works, why remove it, just add to your thread for your script if you have up, to uncheck re-starter in settings, unless you want to remove it, then go ahead
  8. smd2

    TRiBot Release 9.01_0

    Sounds Awesome!!! If it really works then it's a pretty sweet update Keep up the good work xD
  9. Used this 5-10 hrs for couple days i think a week ago since i've been skilling till now, haven't been banned, didnt use break handler at all. Guess you weren't lucky.
  10. I think it got stuck on the long building where the next course is rope walk, then rope walk. So the building before you do the rope walk if that makes any sense lol. Just trying to help find bugs that come along my way, sorry if i sometimes cant give you the exact problem that happened, as I might be watching a movie and look back time to time lol. Ok, running 1.08 now
  11. So 15-16k p/hr is normal in fally rooftops? I saw on wiki that u could get 26.8k an hr. Also looks it got lost/stuck on a rooftop again bahaha, its fun babysitting when i got nothing to do but watch as movie Maybe make the objects larger, so it can click anywhere on that object? Also, maybe you can make that if it's lost, and its on a certain rooftop, if lost, walk to this tile to find object to click on?
  12. Ahh ic, so it doesnt happen much? I think my char got stuck on rootop like 2-3 times idling lol xD Not using tabs atm, dont have any lol
  13. Stuck in 1 spot i guess it finished the old man random where it gives u a box, once that was finished, the script just idles, moving curser left and right tiny bit, the curser is moving but a lil to each side not doing anything. Once i clicked somewhere, it then started moving on with the course, not sure what happened, but here's a pic lol. It also gets stuck on one of the rooftops, just sits in the corner, idles.
  14. I think you should recommend people to just turn off auto-retaliate, maybe that would help with combat randoms since u keep runing laps and go up and down, they cant chase u everywhere lol, but certain randoms do f u up because u ignore them, thus teleporting u to random place=script stops and logs. xD Just had evil chicken random with auto-retaliate off, and it kept going, maybe that will solve that problem lol xD Other than small bugs, this script is pretty amazing On top of that, its free...what else can you ask, you're always trying to improve it if something goes wrong, i'm impressed
  15. Bot went down here trying to escape pirate pete or w.e? lol Also character didn't keep going when trying to escape the evil chicken random, if you just ignore the evil chicken and keep doing the course, it cant rlly do anything.