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  1. TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Awesome! Waiting for the LG Patch now
  2. Fatal Client Bug 5/25/17

    Damn, hopefully this will be fixed soon as i bought vip and scripts yesterday..
  3. Unable to load LG (again)

    This problem has been occurring to multiple people, i have personally tried many different fixes on my end but none of them has worked, so my guess is that the problem is on TriBot's end and they haven't done anything about it yet, atleast not publically. Best bet is probably to wait for a fix or something from tribot.
  4. No bans on this ip and no trades since it was a ironman lol
  5. I used V1 and i did not use afk mode
  6. My 2nd Ban using this script, used it this time roughly 12hrs... 6hrs per day. with breaks etc, using Looking Through Glass mode
  7. Where can i reques a refund for a script i bought?

    @Twinky Thanks alot!
  8. As the title says i want to get a refund from a script that i bought and it is broken and the script creator has not answered to my messages in +24hrs So do i have to go thru the script creator to get a refund or is there a different way?
  9. Waste of money atm atleast... poorly designed gui imo.. miss clicks so hard that it can't even thieve stalls..
  10. Decided to buy.. oh well works just fine Always wants to go there at blue dragons.. dunno why.. Also for some reason i saw 2 other guys "stuck" almost at the same position as me..
  11. Ugh... i don't know if i want to buy this anymore since main thing would be the blue drags obviously.. the other script thats out there is only for melee so.. idk.. tough choice
  12. I bought it today too but i got it asap i bought it are you a vip? or do u need to be a vip to use this script also