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  1. Ratio


    Rwt I just wanted to change the name, didn't wanna risk that name lol but I was too late. Fml
  2. Ratio


    If you're about dat life then you know. http://prntscr.com/9qroem #UKBL
  3. P2p all zee wey. Like 90% of my this account is botted --> http://prntscr.com/9owmk9 running about 8-12hours a day. My method is genious.
  4. Ratio

    Buying OldSchool GP

    Sorry ur prices too high lol
  5. Buying 40m please PM me
  6. Ratio


    Old times, I used it. Was great back in like 2011
  7. Ratio

    create an account

    how do i create a new 07 account using the socks5 proxys i have
  8. I can perfectly run 8 on LG. ~ http://prntscr.com/9mh1of
  9. Ratio

    RootNerds VPS

    I have nothing like this.
  10. Ratio

    RootNerds VPS

    @YoHoJo, not gonna lie I've used the VPS in your siggy before and that was the first one I ever used and it was simple as f. I thought this one would be the same setup and I clearly made a mistake because I don't even know wtf I'm doing. So for the version name and number? what even are they? ..Or where can I find them?
  11. Ratio

    RootNerds VPS

    Can anyone help me set this up please? I've tried doing some research, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places but I'm struggling.. Help or any guidance in the right direction be great, thanks!
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