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  1. DO NOT USE THIS SCRIPT!!! Went through hell and back to get credits transferred to use this script and after 2 hours of use i was banned. The other person who also said was banned in two hours was correct. The reason this bot gets you banned is because of the amount of clicks is too high for a real person. Never was reported and babysat the bot, pausing and talking to people who approached. Something needs to be done with the antiban because jagex macro detection caught this bot within hours
  2. Buying 10 credits for 07 gold, add me on skype austin.belge
  3. Acting very bot like... Often will sit there for extended periods of time after killing multiple dragons Have even seen loot become available to other players due to long periods of inactivity
  4. Must be down for everyone because my USA GDK script is down as well. Can't post on any premium script threads either Just give it some time
  5. if you want vip scriptd thry cost $ also.
  6. so you're selling the tribot credits for 07?
  7. most likely post the price here :3
  8. nothing like its nothing cause its nothing BITCHHHH
  9. i know the other GDK had range support does this one? If it does i will buy right now
  10. i really really need to buy 8 credits for 8m on oldschool Just added u on skype
  11. thanks for the heads up I guess Just kind of annoying that members only accept gold and it's more expensive to trade gold for credits than cash... Oh well.
  12. So I've purchased VIP a bunch of times but now all of a sudden I can't verify my paypal email? I try to get the verification email but it never sends to my paypal email I tried using my other email as verification and it sent the email, but not to my email linked to my paypal I tried PMing a few mods but I can't get a response Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Hey, i recently bought this bot and noticed a couple problems. - Defend option will not move when looking for ranger, often doesnt reach the 50 damage minimum which results in low points/hour - Attack option will get stuck behind brawlers and wont move for over 2 minutes, runs back and forth, portal to portal, also resulting in not meeting damage minimum -Bot will stall while trying to enter boat resulting in waiting longer per game. Even with these problems the bot still manages to rack in 150-250 points a night, but could be higher. I used the bot a couple months ago and it ran flawless while defending or attacking, not sure what happened. Zainy i love your scripts and trust youll fix these isuues
  14. Well after about a long 3 months and with the help of some awesome scripters I've finally reached one of my goals. I'd like to give a shout out to @Zainy in particular as I used his Green Dragon bot to achieve this. On top of 99 range I've also accumulated around 130m purely off dragon bones and hides (and i would've made even more but about 15m went to bolts/food) This script is always constantly updated and Zainy is always looking for improvement, I highly suggest this bot. Thank you Tribot for coming out with Looking Glass, on this journey the break handler was foreign to me. I botted 10 hours+ each day without breaks, questing, or much of anything other than botting. But wait, it gets even better. The account in which I achieved this on had a botting offense back in 2013 which I will show a picture of in the thread. If this doesn't give you optimism towards the future of botting, I'm not really sure what will.
  15. Everytime i try to run my bot it just keeps saying Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight But basically does the exact opposite and just sits there unresponsive. Am I doing something wrong...? Just had it running fine earlier this morning I'm at ghouls btw
  16. Left my bot running overnight and awoke to a 9 hour proggy of my character sitting the the corner of the corporal beast cave.... Seems the script has been getting stuck lately
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