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  1. DO NOT USE THIS SCRIPT!!! Went through hell and back to get credits transferred to use this script and after 2 hours of use i was banned. The other person who also said was banned in two hours was correct. The reason this bot gets you banned is because of the amount of clicks is too high for a real person. Never was reported and babysat the bot, pausing and talking to people who approached. Something needs to be done with the antiban because jagex macro detection caught this bot within hours
  2. Buying 10 credits for 07 gold, add me on skype austin.belge
  3. Acting very bot like... Often will sit there for extended periods of time after killing multiple dragons Have even seen loot become available to other players due to long periods of inactivity
  4. Must be down for everyone because my USA GDK script is down as well. Can't post on any premium script threads either Just give it some time
  5. if you want vip scriptd thry cost $ also.
  6. so you're selling the tribot credits for 07?
  7. most likely post the price here :3
  8. nothing like its nothing cause its nothing BITCHHHH
  9. i know the other GDK had range support does this one? If it does i will buy right now
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