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  1. will 85 range/76 mage/80 def work with this? I have no void, also without void what gear should i use?
  2. strawsombrero

    GE Merching Script

    can anybody verify if it is worth the price?
  3. strawsombrero

    TRiBot Release 9.120_0

  4. strawsombrero

    [ABCL10]KiWizz Tanner

  5. strawsombrero

    best gold farming options right now?

    I've been going good fishing lobs/sharks ect
  6. strawsombrero

    Where should I bot combat?

    I heard rellekka crab pro is good as well as the waterbirth one.
  7. strawsombrero

    Where should I bot combat?

    to be honest all free combat scripts are shit. If you can afford it the premium rock crab bots have received a lot of good feedback
  8. strawsombrero

    Auto-Responder Solution

    yeah I noticed one time somebody said hi and my bot responded my woodcutting level is blah blah its so random..
  9. strawsombrero

    How to avoid getting banned

    The only thing that really matters out of this list is running the proxys. I can only run 2 bots max on 1 ip if I run 3 or more banned in 2 days max. So yes it's ideal to run 1 bot per proxy, but the playing a couple hours a day doing non botting stuff dosen't matter.
  10. My skype is tbt_sythe

  11. strawsombrero

    all flax bots broken?

    not a single flax picker bot is working they all run for 2 minutes then stop